Bosses&mobbing question

Soo i’m not happy about all the fl4k nerfs yet i can still kill enemies pretty fast in mobbing with a self made build (100% in de red skill tree) (50% in green) atm i am using the rakks because they are good now. Before i had 100% in red i had it in the green tree and 75% in red so it was good for mobbing and for bosses. I used that before the 2 patches but now i cannot really use builds that are good for both i didn’t search on the internet for builds because those people are just exploiting fl4k and i don’t want to do that. Now my question is…are there even builds that can do both? It would be nice to change from builds with a button or would that be OP? ( edit: i’m new and this is the first time i am asking help on a forum oh and i am dutch so sorry if my grammar is a little bad)