Bosses nont drop legendary?

hi,after last update i kill roy calypso and world destroyer in eden 5x in TVHM and mayhem lvl 2 and no one legendary and from chest in vault only rare items. OMG gearbox what u doing u destroy this game same as another studios ???
i play main quest line and all minibosses or vault bosses drop only f……. epic and total useless items
i wait many and many hours in game to upgrade my gear from normal mode without mayhem lvl and nothing normal or TVHM with mayahem same items with same items score and still around same items zero progress zero upgrade where is billions weapons ???where is Borderlands 2 systém ???

RNG is RNG. You may get 5 legendaries in a row and then go 4 hours without one. That’s the dice roll.

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Yea lmaoo where is the borderlands 2 system?!? I want to farm for 50 hours Just to even see one legendary that will have worse weapon parts than my current equipped weapon.


I’m no math expert, but I’m pretty sure with all the new legendaries added and the fact that Torgue guns can be elemental now and Atlas being grought back, BL3 has a few billion more gun combinations than BL2.

Also, your post was a nightmare to read.

Blizzard where is my thunderfury!?
PS.Have legit read this atleast 10 times in blizz forums.

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yep RNG kill all good games and is really stupid when after 5 -10 min fights with hard boss in mayhem lvl 3 u cant loot any legendary .And is really stupid when u play normal mode without mayhem and npc drops same quality items as TVHM with mayhem lvl 3 .and best is how i see drops still same items this isnt fun .

I’m really enjoying this game at the moment. Loot has been very rewarding after most recent hotfix. Seeing a lot more anointed epics drop as well. Well done Gearbox.

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