Bosses Not Dropping Loot

Whenever I kill a boss, nothing drops from them. no money, no green or grey guns. nothing. please help

Which boss is doing this?

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Ive tried multiple bosses. First it was the unstoppable, then the el dragon guy, then road dog

That’s actually pretty common, dont worry. The rare spawns definitely drop nothing A LOT. Happens to me 9 times out of 10. Even during this farming frenzy event.

I feel like they should still drop money or less rare guns

I agree. But yes, El Dragon is especially bad about it. Farming for a Stop Gap was interesting.

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Okay well thanks! Really means a lot.

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Proper bosses will always drop eridium and money at the very least. Rare spawns not so much. Similar to farming Boll or Savage Lee in bl2.

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Its just weird, but thank you for replying!