Bosses not dropping uniques

(Mwdathos) #1

So I started a new playthough the other day and I’m planning on getting all the unique/legendary gear drops. Even though I get some through the quest itself some bosses
connected to the quest are suppose to have a chance at dropping the uniques too and I want to farm the ones that are like this.

Bleeder dropping the nailer, Scar dropping T.K’s wave etc. Except for some reason it seems
like they aren’t dropping them, I know it’s not guaranteed but I’ve killed scar over 200 times and not a single time did he drop T.K’s wave, unless I’m ludicrously unlucky it seems like something wrong.

I don’t have any of my older save files to test it but I remember trying to farm for a hybrid of T.K’s wave and T.K’s wave dropped from scar pretty regularly. Do bosses for some reason not drop their weapons if they are ones you get from the quest itself on playthrough 1?

I just finish killing skagzilla for around the 30th time and no elephant gun either.

(Geomason) #2

Pretty strange, I used to farm end game weapons and they dropped regularly from the bosses you mentioned.

(band) #3

They are pretty rare, some of them. 200 times does sound like awfully bad luck, but he does drop it.

I know this one from experience. WEGs seem to drop something like 10-15% of the time.

(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #4

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a unique during PT1. I haven’t farmed extensively, but I do run Skagzilla a couple dozen times during my hardcore playthroughs to level up…he’s never dropped one.

(Mwdathos) #5

I guess I’ll try farming scar more then, it is weird though, whenever I watch someone getting the drop from scar on youtube they’re always on PL 2.5 and it’s pretty common.

(band) #6

@MeltintheSun mentioned it, but it might just be a PT2/2.5 thing only.