Bot battle is sadly a swing and a miss :(

hey guys, ive been seeing alot of positive things written about the new mode but i thought that people should know that some dont like it or see it as unnecessary and that it further divides the playerbase into three queues.
first (ive never tried making a private match) ive heard that if you want to fight against bots then you can make a private match against AI. so we kind of already have this. secondly, if gearbox is going to bring in a new mode i would prefer that it be a new way to play the game and not a (sorry :frowning: ) lazy rehash of the existing content which bot battles is. finally eventually you get good enough to not be stomped and after that i see no point in playing it. i guess actually as an introduction for beginners it does have a tiny bit of merit but that is all the good i can see in it. so please gearbox if you are going to make a new mode make it original :slight_smile: thanks! :slight_smile:

What you seem not to realize is that private PvP matches don’t count for the purpose of challenges or lore. The big thing with the Bot Battle is that it allows PvE players (of which there are many) a chance to work on PvP lore challenges without submerging themselves in the general morass that is PvP.


It is also the only way to do matches against bots in a pickup.

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kk thanks for pointing out the pve thing. im just worried it will further divide the community (i know it wont be a huge loss but still…). anyways its pretty pointless for average players (like me) as you are good enough to win every time. it also falsifies the stats, right? dont the kills on bots count towards your stats? this could mess up a competitive mode if that ever comes. oh well just thought people should know that at least 1 person out there doesnt like it. but i guess if the majority wants it than whatever. it prolly wont slow me down too much.

Player stats are already messed up. Looking at Alani (who is who I play the most), I have 42 player kills and 125 deaths. And Phoebe who I have never taken into PvP but play on PvE has 0 player kills and 86 deaths. In other words it tracks your deaths from PvE and combines them with PvP deaths.

Well, the stats in the command menu are already pretty screwed up because they include PvE deaths, for some reason.

Not really and I think I know why you made this mistake. The game doesn’t use K:D ratios or anything visible on the Command Menu for matchmaking/ranking purposes. It uses ELO, which is a hidden stat that increases or decreases based upon wins. It’s still in game but they’ve basically eliminated any pretense of matchmaking so it’s kind of irrelevant (not that it means all that much thanks to random queues and premades being put together).

Any truly competitive mode they create is going to require a vastly larger population (so that you can actually find a match with someone of similar skill) and will probably require an ELO reset of some kind when it occurs.

[quote]oh well just thought people should know that at least 1 person out there doesnt like it. but i guess if the majority wants it than whatever. it prolly wont slow me down too much.

I don’t think it will be made permanent without significant changes. A lot of people like it at the moment, but that’s definitely novelty.

You’re also not the only person I’ve met that doesn’t like it. I’m ambivalent about it and there’s at least 2-3 people I’ve met on the Discord that have outright told me they don’t like it.

most of the matches we just spawn camped the bots constantly in capture. fun at the beginning and awesome to do lore but the fun quickly fades when you’re just trying to hit them faster than you allies and they die in seconds constantly. Also it’s uncommon to reach level 5 if your teammates don’t cooperate in prolonging the match. impossible to do toby, el dragon or pendles lore where you need the ult.

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but will hopefully get to after work today however it seems to me as a great way for PVE players to work on the PVP only without having to go through the frustrations of PVP (lack of skill, surrenders before hitting level 5, pubstomps etc).

I have no issue with PVP personally and unlocked everyone’s lore. I play competitive in Overwatch so I’m no stranger to the competitive nature of PVP. I mention this because I’ve found the inbalance of matchmaking & unsportsmanlike behaviour of many matches in Battleborn to only lead to frustration & making me feel more negative than positive towards the mode and its players. If I feel this way, I imagine many other new players and PVE-focused players may too.

As for queue splitting, it may have some benefit as those preferring the bot queue may be those players who don’t want to be in those public queues anyway. On the flipside, from the veteran PVP players perspective, it may even reduce the amount of lesser skilled players being on your team maybe making for slightly bettter balanced matches.

Just food for thought.

So uh

lol, no to what?

Drugs, accepting candy from strangers, and anything Michael Bay makes.

I’ve probably got more time in this game than most, from beta to the two accounts I use now.
That being said, I am loving this new bot mode.

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Pretty sure @epicender584 is stating that it is not, in fact, “a miss”. I would venture that he believes that it’s a home run, straight out of the park.

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I disagree with your opinion. It has been a great thing for new players who came from the holidays, which was confirmed to increase the population by a lot. It also helps PVErs and helps peeps who want lore done

That’d be a slight exaggeration, actually a rather large one, but it certainly isn’t a miss. A punt at the very least

I just played a match with 4 low level players on Meltdown - Paradise. I can confirm that the newer players doesn’t have an easy time with these bots and it can provide a good learning experience. One of them played Orendi and didn’t even sprint the whole match. She was obliterated…, because all the other guys were always playing on the other lane (I was helping Orendi, so we were 2 there). It was a hard match, we won like 500-350. The bots were on a mission to destroy every buildable we had and they succeeded at that.