Bot battle leveling issues

So overall i LOVE bot battle for when I want a more chill experience where I don’t feel the need to necessarily go with the best team comp character and just want to play whoever I want because the stakes are a bit lower.

And while I do think the AI needs some upgrading, I’m actually surprised at how well it works. but one of my biggest issues is that it can be over far before we even get near higher levels.

I’d say my average finishing level is about 5-7 before the game is over and thats just doing PUGs. So my question is if there could be something that does like 1.25x xp gaining or something to help us (including bots) get up to the 8-10 range. maybe have the bots always be slightly ahead in levels to create some artificial difficulty if you had data that could show when it would be necessary.



Yeah, increasing player level gain will end it even faster, resulting in no difference overall. Having the enemies higher level would counteract the bad AI, and HAS been asked for, although there appears to be no response to that question so far

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There could be a slight inflation in how the matches score. The biggest problem is that the bots don’t really defend or even play the objectives at all really, so even with a level advantage they would still be underperforming because they don’t contest the objectives.

Maybe tweak things like the sentry’s health, how minions are scored in meltdown and the masks in face off, and reduce the points gained per second on capture. Slow down the matches a little bit and give more time to play with higher end helixes.


yeah i understand about having higher levels means more stomping, so higher levels would be the only thing that could prevent it (or at least give them more health/damage as they see fit).

I actually like that idea as well! instead of tweaking the AI, just tweak the more controllable situations around them