Bot battle problem

It’s too easy, yes I know new players will like it but I recall that they were suppose to be “blood thirsty”, they are not. The A.I will lose majority of the time. I don’t like that, I wanted a challenge, not private mode slapped to public.

Want a challenge versus bots? Don’t activate any gear and don’t pick any helix options - that’s your challenge!


Full team of super squishies on top of that so your dodging skills don’t mean ■■■■ because of AI tracking. Or maybe some minus max health gear. It’s really as difficult as you want to make it.

In all seriousness this is an event for PvE players that need to get PvP specific challenges or titles for the sake of completion. For PvP players, we don’t need bots, we have other players that are capable of complex strategy, tactics and teamwork that bots just can’t achieve.

If you want bots to be a challenge then we need them to have some gross buffs. Like Pillarstorm replacing bot Orendi’s shadowfire pillar. Or OM’s Airstrike calling down 13 laser strikes instead of missiles. Things like that would make for an interesting challenge.


[quote=“blainebrossart1, post:3, topic:1554056, full:true”]If you want bots to be a challenge

If you want bots to be a challenge, start playing PvE on hardcore advanced because that’s kind of the point of PvE.


Fair point.

This mode was always supposed to just be a work around for PvP lore challenges; without the challenge of PvP. Still, it’s a nice addition to add for people who don’t necessarily like PvP. The real question is…When will the base PvE game get some love?



Or a phoebe roaming around with sentry type shield and HP! :smile:

Or one Giant Attikus that slowly walks down lane destroying anything in his path (sentry included)

when do we get the PvE mode where enemies just all walk off a cliff so we can have our PvE challange workaround?

Lmao I want to see that just once! That would be hilarious

I’ve done the no helix challenge against a team of low CRs, just to make the match a little more interesting but no gear too? That’s definitely harder…
So challenge accepted! :stuck_out_tongue:
When playing Benedict too, I’d often do a ‘No Hawkeye’ challenge, just because the skill is broken.


In my experience the bots don’t attempt to escape until it’s to late. They’ll stand there trying to fight back where as a real player would have known to retreat and regroup.

Really would be surprised if you think PVE is that difficult, but if you’re having trouble with it, you can certainly request an easier mode.

I think you kind of missed the point…

I can assure you that I didn’t. Did you?