Bot battle team with Scott just now

One wicked Ben :wink:


Fake, dev + Ben + bots means the bird should’ve gotten coopetition solo

Checked the profile, it was Scott V. :wink:

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Huh, I didn’t know Scott was on PC too.

Devs usually aren’t very good at their own games since they spend most of their time making it, not playing it.
Also, bot matches rarely last long enough for someone to reach 60 kills.


Yeah I know
(That’s what makes it a joke mate. A terrible one. But a joke)


If you look at that Steam account I think it’s one Gearbox shares because it is listed as a Steam Works account but there are several Dev names on it, looks like they change the profile as they share it.
He probably noticed the one I was using was an 14 year Valve VDC account.
Gearbox vs Valve :blush:

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Yea, played with him a couple of times on Pc

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Hey! Yes, that’s my personal account.

I have 4 or 5 times the hours played on my PS4 account, so I figured I would squeeze in a few bot matches last night.


You were awesome :wink:

I might have been in that match too because I got matched with Scott a few times.

The PSN ID will look… very familiar.

EDIT: Just realized that was on PC. I play on PS4.