Bot Battles = Screws PvP Players

So after all the “OMG Bots Battle mode saved my life!” threads the devs who came up w/ this idea might have it going to their head that this was a great idea and that they’re awesome.

Unfortunately the mode takes players away from PvP, and thus screws over all the PvP players, especially on the PC where the player base is below 300.

While the bots in this game were made poorly and although noobs and vets (for titles) might enjoy it for a few hours, the easily winning every match gets pretty boring and they’ll go back to PvE or quit from getting wrecked in real PvP because their strategies don’t work against real humans.

Effect: This mode causes vets to quit from longer queue times and noobs who were drawn to this mode for a couple of hours by Bot Battles will probably still quit like they probably would of done without this mode because of its lack of re-playability and from not teaching noobs how to play right.

Not sure I’m following, so I’ll repeat it back to you for clarification.

So, first you don’t like bot mode because it’s drawing in the pve, noob pvp, and a couple veteran players away from the normal queue?

Second, the bots are too easy, so the pve players will return to pve (would they though?) and the noob pvp players will return to lose again against vets, since vets aren’t bots and will likely leave anyway.

Lastly, veterans will be in a queue more filled with veterans primarily ( we’re assuming all the bot playing vets return since it is too easy) since the noob pvper’s aren’t there to be easy wins (essentially bot games for vets) and they decide to quit do to long queue times… Since the player base is smaller…

That about right?

Kind of odd, when I write it out.
Vets leave since the queue is small.
The queue is small since it’s filled with only vets.
It’s filled with only vets since they scare away the noob pvper’s, who thankfully have bot battles to indulge in now, or might just outright venture to other pastures.

Seems like the status quo to me outside of the first few hours when bot mode was released.


This mode is designed to give PvE players a chance to complete PvP based lore so it will be dividing the PvE player base. In my experience, a lot of my friends who play predominantly PvP have avoided bots battle for the reasons you stated, it’s boring and too easy. I only used it to complete the odd one or two lore challenges and once I had finished, I went straight back to regular PvP. If anything, all the more competitive players are left in the actual PvP queue which is what you want right?


Your “effect” here is simply reductio ad absurdum. People aren’t going to quit because it’s hard to find normal games during a special event weekend because it’s a special event weekend. If anything, I think it will probably get more people to play PvP afterwards since they’ve been able to safely whet their appetite (and learn maps and basic tactics) in a mode that doesn’t curb stomp them for not knowing exactly what to do right away.

Also, your description of it as having a “lack of re-playability” makes me facepalm so very, very hard. The only difference between Bots Battle and normal PvP is that there are bots on the other team. You’re still doing all the same stuff (the rules, characters, etc. are exactly the same) except the challenge is lower (and more predictable); the only real difference is that you can’t feel the smug satisfaction that comes with kicking a real person’s ass because you’re just defeating a bot.


I would like to see a dev respond about this because they probably know if the amount of players in Quick Match decreased significantly or if the players come from PvE more.

I know my friend didn’t have a pre-made to join so instead of waiting in a quick match queue he played Bot Battles for a Penta title. This might not be hurting pre-made queue times as much but really hurts solo queuers like noobs who don’t have any friends who are looking for real PvP games and vets who I really respect for not joining a pre-made which most people do to avoid long queue times.

well yeah but there are also threads and responses from devs to this mode saying how it might be permanent so that really incentivized me to say something about it

This response makes me face palm even harder than you haha. basically what bots do in this mode is run right at you with an aimbot (even Orendi has one!) and at 20% hp or something they run back to base and you usually can kill them before they do xD. So if you consider that to be human like other than feeling better about winning then I don’t even know where to start…

The only reason it would be re-playable is if you like winning all the time, which I admit is pretty common now a days sadly. Although these kinds of players will hate real PvP because they’ll get wrecked hard when they start out so it doesn’t even really matter.

Im sorry for pc players but since bot matches are on i had a great mm. Lots of skilled players in both teams.

I tried bot mode but healers dont even heal… They are boring, i thought i could get a quad to know what deande say but bots come 1 by 1 it gets boring.

For me, is a great event. Let ppl play with others in a relaxed mode. Everyone deserves to enjoy pvp even if is easy mode, is the other half of battleborn.


Kitru literally said in their response that bot battles are less challenging and more predictable. I don’t think anyone has ever said that the bots behave at all like real players, and no one expects them too. I have discussed how the bots could get some significant upgrades, but that’s is not the point of this thread so I’ll digress.

Either way, this event is currently temporary, and whether it will stay or not will likely be decided after the winter update. So yes, there will probably be a hit to the normal queues for now while everyone tries out the bots, but most of the regular PvP players will likely return to the normal PvP queues in short time.

If it becomes a staple queue, then it will be mostly filled with people who would never play PvP anyway or players who are just starting out, which is a GOOD thing. We have far, FAR too many people who pick up the game and then quit because they get thrown into PvP with little to no tutorial and get matched against veterans who curbstomp them into the ground with no remorse. Although I don’t think the current AIs are any good at teaching the game, we need things like co op bot matches to start smoothing out the game’s unnecessarily steep learning curve.


That’s odd. I’ve seen a bot Miko following and healing bot team mates, and several times the other night I found myself ganged up on by 3 bots.

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My human miko… Did not heal, like ever… In a normal pvp i would be rly rly salty about it, but since it was a bot match i was like; meh dont trust anyone. They are learning

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Ah! Yes, I’ve heard numerous complaints about that in all modes.


imho this mode is absolutely necessary. look at League (or Legends, or other mobas), they all have a pve that simulates pvp. it teaches the necessary mechanics to new players while showing/allowing veteran players to experiment with their knowledge of certain heros. this is needed to help in the skill gap, to close the gap, we need a fill option with “smart selection”. let the players who have been shown to be helpfull, be ■■■■■■■ helpfull. an “honor system” like what LoL has would be awesome for this game for newbies


You are not speaking for me.
I don’t play PvP, I am a vet PvE player who plays the Bot mode.


I"m not a noob nor a PVP-veteran and I think it’s a fantastic addition.

It even got me back into the game after not playing it for months and I thoroughly enjoyed the casual nature of the mode. I even played several matches in a row after only intending to look at it once.

I can actually enjoy a PVP match that isn’t just another pubstomp. You say people will go from Bot Matches into ‘real PVP’ and quit because they get stomped…guess what…that’s been happening for months now. New and somewhat experienced players alike. If anything this mode offers a venue for those who did not want to be in PVP in the first place, but grudginly played it for lore completion, fun of balanced matches etc.

I, along many, hope it stays. I don’t understand why PVP players would be upset that now those of mainly play PVE can enjoy some PVP action. It’s not a meant to emulate human PVP play, but can still be fun and challenging for those who enjoy it.


but BB was designed to be a “player vs player” game. it is taking alot of influence from the famous pve borderlands, but still intended as a (mostly) pvp game. so as a technical MOBA, thats whee the focus needs to be.

with the RNG (random number generator) loot system connected to the gear, Battleborn cant become a major pro-level game.

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And thank god. The more “pro-level” a game gets, the more cancerous players become. That’s why I liked Battleborn from the very start in the beta. It was more casual than the try-hard games that rule the e-sport scene. I’m glad that it stayed that way.

Ok. I’m going to chime in here.

Number’s don’t really show it - because many people just leave and don’t ever place some epic “I’m leaving” post.

But many people that I know - and many other people i imagine - DO leave because the meta / pro-level crowd is not catered to at all.

I am glad you are happy that this has successfully stayed as a casual and non pro-level game - one that can’t even properly track stats on a level that most of my Super Nintendo games can.

Unfortunately, a lot of people had hopes - with this being a FPS moba - that it would try to field some sort of competitive scene. And it’s a shame that it really hasn’t successfully done this so far.

Pro level scene breeds competition and a meta which can be very fun in strategic games. Maybe not for you. But many others. And maybe you should take account of all the droves of people that come and then subsequently leave and ask yourself - “maybe Jaden might be on to something?”

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But maybe it’s just his opinion, too?

So how many people you know that quit only because of that? Give me a number.
So you’re only assuming. That’s not a fact that “many other” left only because “pro-level crowd is not catered to at all.”. I’ve seen much more complaints from people that they can’t skip the intro video than “leave because the meta / pro-level crowd is not catered to at all.”

There are far more bigger/simpler problems in this game that made people quit than the absence of pro scene or the lack of tools for it.

+this is off topic.

I politely disagree that it is off topic to the bulk of the conversation points within this thread.

For transparency, anyone can simply glance at the direct reply (and previous posts as well) I was responding to and see that this was definitely not the case.

Anyways, no hard feelings matrixltu. Thanks! :slight_smile:

…That is purely an opinion.

Official description of Battleborn:
A tremendous band of badass heroes fight to protect the universe’s very last star from a mysterious evil in this next-gen shooter by the creators of Borderlands.