Bot Battles = Screws PvP Players

Has it though? We don’t even have a ranked queue but tell that to anyone who plays incursion.

We have a meta, we have tiers, we have established load outs, cheese strats and snow ball tactics.
Doesn’t help that we have titles that cater to “prowess” that people chase after and flaunt.

Seeing as I replied, I’ll use this moment to go off on a tangent relevant to this topic, but not particularly directed at you.

I’m confused why there is even a complaint about bot mode in general. The vets say they tire of pub stomping, so now all the beginners can leave their queue, to play vs bots.

But then we get the other side of their deal, and they begrudge the state of the game now that they have to constantly be matched by meta compliant comps and strategies (far cry from a casual experience, it’s stomp or be stomped)

This game lacks a middle ground. Perhaps if we ever get a stable enough population, we can get a ranked queue going, that may help.


Me neither. Also, using the term “noob” doesn’t help the OP’s case any.

I enjoyed PVP until it got to the point where I was either being the stomper or the stompie and neither was very fun, especially not the later. I actually played again because of the bot matches.

Neither do I. There have been many complains about people only playing PVP for character lore and the bot matches give them a place to do that without adversely affecting their team.

No, it was designed as a combination of PVE and PVP. It shipped with 8 story missions, all of which are repeatable and GBX is also shipping 5 DLC story missions. This game was designed to be played however the player wanted to play it bar having a third person mode. Do you want to fight against human players? You have options. Do you want to do the same against bots? You can. Do you want to play through the story? You’re covered as well. Sure it has MOBA elements, but it’s not a MOBA like LoL, DotA, or Smite.

It was that way long before bot matches were introduced. The only new about this topic is the complaint about bot matches taking players away, but that’s it.


Its’s really great to see someone else making some of these points. I had started to feel like I was the only one that thought: “This game is for how you want to play, not just for PvP (or just PvE).”


Oh I’m aware. I mentioned it because of it’s dynamic with Bot Battles. Before bots, the people vets would stomp would be in the main queue.

Which is where you get your

With the majority of beginner’s playing bot battles, those claiming they wanted a challenge are getting it in spades, just at a higher level than they’re comfortable. They want the cake and to eat it too (think I butchered that saying) essentially.

I’m guilty of this too, I don’t like playing stomp games, but also begrudge that I have to sit through a slog of a game (try not to encourage surrenders) where my team of randomly picked favorites is versing a well-oiled winning machine made of the latest meta, with defined load outs and roles, full of level/minion denial, spam-taunting, zone control, chain cc, etc etc…

That isn’t fun, nor am I one of those that has that fire to sweat at that level. Where does some one like me belong? (Currently running solo op runs ad nauseam)

Can’t beat them join them then? I pass. Too much work, for little to no pay off imo.


Sorry, but I’m now a primarily pvp player and I’m glad I got it, it let me do a few lore challenges I normally wouldn’t because it would impair my team for me to overly focus it. You may reply “git gud scrub” but my response is “if I’m trying for lore why would I punish my team by playing my personal objective over the team goal?”


I wouldn’t really say that. Its like coop in mobas. I really think they should keep it so people understand characters and game modes.


OR… the people who LOVE PVP will keep playing it, while those of us who feel forced to play it for the lore/challenges can now do Bot Battle.

Just a thought. :smiley:


That’s what my wife is doing for her missing lore. I also got Toby’s killing on rails finally. Now to finish up El Dragon’s clothesline lore…


I mean I’ve had fun with it. Got a bunch of Lore stuff done and got some practice in as some Badasses I never really played as. Almost tempted to try El Dragon in PvP now…

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I REALLY wish Alani killing Ambra lore was working. I’d have gotten it done in one match. :frowning:


Yeah, pretty sad that they didn´t fix this. I´m missing “participate in killing Ambra/OM” for several characters.


The other thing I’m noticing about Bot Battle that’s good is: if you only have an hour and want to get a few quick games in, you CAN get a few quick games in!


100% agreed

pvp in this game has always been premades farming solo q

so the premades get longer waits for their farms now

gbox never shoulda let them mix together, chased out tons and tons of players


Not always. I used to do very well solo queuing until the player base dropped to the point where it was either very new people or vets playing. There are many reasons as to why people left and this is just but one of them.


I was actually very excited for the Bot Battles. But since I thought it came out with the Winter Update, I completely missed it. I had hoped it’d be permanent, but I was wrong. I’ve been waiting for a mode like this for so long, I just have no choice but to wait longer. I feel as if I shouldn’t even bother playing Battleborn again until they re-release Bot Battles.


Jac you had a solid and fun team in PvP, you should come back for the update! and if your wife doesn’t wanna come then you can always invite Fatty instead :smiley:

Maybe take a look at the Incursion Training mode. First crack is solo, after that it’s three versus bots. A very short map but, if you just want a quick (and I mean quick) bot battle fix, it’s there. I’d rather Bot Battle became part of the regular rotation of game modes, but this will do in a pinch.

Oh, I’m coming back, but whether or not I’ll be doing PVP again depends on how many people stick around.

Nah. The bot battles are fun, but private matches don’t count towards lore, so they’re not as fun. I know how to play the game, but my mind and reflexes aren’t quick enough to keep up with the more competitive people around. Plus, it wasn’t as fun once my group stopped playing because it’s hard to coordinate with randoms most of the time.

This bot battle thing sounds amazing - I wish they had left it in, I might be able to learn how to play PvP. PvP has been a horrorshow for me so far.