Bot Buff in Incursion?

So… Did they receive a damage buff or am i crazy? I feel more threatened by a minion wave then most of the players in a game now. Honest concern for the future of the game…

Minions are supposed to be the focus. If you aren’t paying attention to a wave, it will break your things now.


… They have never not been a threat to sentries. My question is why the damage to players being a change… never mentioned the sentry… but thanks have a nice day.

The game mode is meant to highlight players skill and map control, not minion damage output am i right? so honestly why was this changed?

The last big balance patch buffed minions.

They become stronger every 180 seconds iirc.

Shepherds are now very difficult for many battleborn to solo mid to late game, and if you engage them without support or a minion wave yourself you may melt quite quickly.

I’ve actually found it to be a decent overall change for incursion.

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may ruin the game mode for me… or the game as a whole. complete shift in the wrong direction for making minions “feel” more important. oh well

if a mod could close this off id appreciate

^ please

I didn’t like it at first but I’m a fan now.

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I don’t think it’s a question of ‘feel’, minions have always been important in incursion due to their ability to damage sentries so rapidly.

The issue was that as characters level up, the minions gradually became an afterthought since their strength didn’t increase in line with that.

AOE/Waveclearers could just set and forget and detonate an entire minion wave with the click of a button.

Minions scaling and reduced AOE size/damage means minions are the first priority, not the last or an afterthought. To my mind this is not a bad change.

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