Bot Improvements?

Is it just me or does it seem like the Bots have had some work done to them? I’ve noticed less hang ups and general gameplay improvements.

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I’ve noticed that for the ENEMY bots, but should you choose to put one on your team, they’re still as dumb and useless as ever. My biggest issue with the bots is thier scripted “chase you in a straight line forever, until below 25% health” BS; it makes fighting them too easy, because you can just kite them forever, and by the time they run, it’s too late for them. Oh well… Still good for drunken 1v3s.

Too bad BB has one of the worst bots I’ve ever seen. There is 0 joy playing with/against them.


I’ve “sort of” noticed that they do a bit more teamwork (i.e. they all attack at once or try to) when I do Private PVP. Before: I use to cheese it and go something like 70 kills 2 deaths

But now I can’t even do that AT ALL!!! The difficulty is good where it is at right now I think. I go something like 20-30 kills and 3-5 deaths now

Since I’ve completed all the lore challenges I just try out new gear loadouts and get those blue credits/coins to save for later in case there is another one of those awesome sales in the Legion loot packs

Huh, I’ve never tried actually trying in private. I’ve only ever
A. Tried Ambra
B. Tested an Orendi glitch
C. Played Pendles and walked around the enemy base killing nearly 100 buildables

True enough. The “kite to your doom” thing is still there.

It could very well be I’m just understanding their flaws more. Another example is the “shiny” thralls. Every time a merc thrall shows up near home base, they all scatter back. Or just plain ole abbondon the front line (incursion related)

I have it as a Christmas wish, that they fix the bots. In a sense, I get it. If they keep the bots on the dumber side (don’t fix the glitches) then they are not just an auto win button for the private group. Well maybe?

But still, if balance of AI players vs actual people is the issue. Make them a bit more agressive, but reduce their damge overall. At least that way, they still interact more. Cause from I’m reading, this is the biggest issue with the BB bots.

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They are pretty crappy; the worst is when they all do something together, like getting the Thrall camp, while the sentry is being wrecked by the other team. But OW Bots are pretty bad too. If not worse, as you can’t even get into a A.I Hard match most of the time, and the Medium and Easy bots are just awful. They all run the same way, they all do the same thing. I find more joy in the BB Bots-- at least an AI Whiskey or AI Montana will make things harder for me occasionally because they have like 50% accuracy.

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This would and should be very, very far down gbx’s list of priorities. I’m surprised as hell there are bots at all.

And they’re kind of supposed to be trivially easy… they are to practice builds on/study the map and learn the game as far as I’m concerned. If they were even comparable to human players then… why not just play actual pvp?

Make them crit 100% of time! Aim bot for every ai!! Cheap hard mode! Oh and make them have a benedict with an efficient hawkeye ai!

Because there aren’t any other humans playing PvP?

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Well there are some humans, good ol’ Pre-Mades just out there to stomp everyone. So after waiting 20 minutes in queue you get destroyed, and then get to wait another 20 minutes for that privilege again.

The PvP in this game is terrible. It doesn’t matter if it’s lack of population, tiering, no solo queue option, etc… The result is it’s just an awful experience for just about everyone who tries it, which definitely doesn’t help the state of the game.

It’s almost every day I play now that when I queue for PvP (for Lore, another thorn in my side) it goes: Long Wait > Get Destroyed > Others Say “Battleborn is a dead game.” & Leave Queue.

I’ve just started calling it Fodderborn, because if you solo queue for PvP you’re pretty much there to be fodder. Yay…

One might say it’s like a Box of Bees.


I keep seeing that BB is dying off. I don’t think that is true. I think it’s PVP element is victim of the times. In all honestly how many PVP games have more than a 6m-1yr life span with all the competition out there? Of course there is exceptions. But you can see my point.

I got into this game due to its coop nature, story & now ops. PVP was a bonus. Once I heard there was bots, that sealed the deal. There is a myriad of reasons I like to play with bots when friends are not available. Those reasons are discussed at length on other threads, so I won’t go into detail.

So I don’t agree that gearbox should have this “low” on their list of priorities. Think of it as an investment towards a different demographic and competition.

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