Bot Matches in Battleborn

I’ve heard from several sources that you can play every mode with bots. Please give me any info you can about this! Do they randomly pick heroes or do you choose for them? Do they use loot you’ve unlocked for that hero?

They’re random. Not sure if it’s for story mode but on pvp they’re available. Not sure about gear selections of they have any at all.

Awesome, I love being surprised.

I’ve heard that they “like to build turrets,” so I’m guessing no gear and they spend all their shards on buildables. The bots on your team won’t be making big plays and racking up killstreaks, but it’s better than being down a man.

They also randomly pick skins, so you get to see a variety of different color pallets in action.

EDIT: The bots also play it safe. They don’t dive, they don’t chase, they stay near objectives, they retreat at low health, they go for mercs on Incursion, and like I said they build turrets constantly. Now that I mention it, these bots sound a lot better than some of the teammates I’ve played with…


You’ve just made me pumped about this game. I’m an old school gamer who grew up on Unreal Tournament and I’ve had an obsession with bot matches ever since. I still heavily play Evolve because of how damn fun the bots are. Thanks for the info, definitely getting this now.

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They actually do dive right into sentry areas if you lead them in, unfortunately. Probably the biggest downside to the bots is that they like to stare at walls for extended periods of time… (day one patch will probably fix that, though)

Been hooked on Garden Warfare 2 lately, devs need to pay attention to that game because the bots are some of the best I’ve seen in a game. I find it funny that a game about plants and zombies killing each other has amazing bots.

Dude same here. I used to play a TON of bot matched in Timesplitters Future Perfect

What about for the campaign? I like the idea of playing it by myself, but having a full squad of bots. I do that in Evolve a lot.