Bot Pvp matches with difficulty settings and Lore Challenges

So, what I can gather from a number of posts regarding lore challenges, quite a few people enjoy playing pvp solo or with a friend against bots, but are disheartened about not being able to do lore; But on the other side of the coin, people are worried about people boosting and exploiting private pvp, which we all know, people would, sadly.

So I had an idea that maybe~, Gearbox could make a dedicated bot Vs, and allow you to do pvp lore challenges through that, with a difficulty setting much like the campaign, and restrict it so you can only earn progress while playing against bots on the advanced difficulty.

The difficulty settings could work like the campaign, rather than re-scripting the bots, they could for example, add an extra percentage of damage and health to the bots, and possibly a shard rate increase.

Quite a few people are complaining about lore challenges, and I thought I’d voice my ideas on it :blush:


It would be fun to be able to queue VS AI like Heroes of the Storm and Paragon.

An additional suggestion is to have the queue work like Story mode where after X amount of time you get into the match even if you dont have a full party and fill the rest of the team with equivalent level bots.


I love this idea. To be honest playing with humans sucks. I haven’t had a PVP game today without someone leaving. I can’t get Attikus’s lore done because no one plays Echelon. Been trying for 5 days and no luck. Kinda hard to win a match on that map with him since everyone plays Overgrowth.


The AI bots in private mode need to be fixed first. They don’t engage most of the match.

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Overwatch did this and honestly, I think it’s one of the only good parts of the game right now. I’d dig this idea because I hate people’s “git gud” mentality with PvP and that makes me not want to participate because if I screw up once or try a new tactic people hate on me.


Gearbox can leave it as it is for now, but eventually, everything should be able to be done offline.

Everything. Eventually. Offline.

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I’m a master of Attikus, and that’s the most difficult part of his lore, personnally I was lucky and win on echelon the 2nd time I play incursion mode, so that’s was quick

Courage and keep going ! :+1: Echelon isn’t popular but you will succeed

And for this topic, I find more resistance against bots than humans in some games … so that’s would be a good idea to add lore challenge in private (and a lot easier like toby railgun challenge)

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honestly who cares if they are boosting

it still takes a lifetime of repetition in this game to unlock it all

these grinds are burnout long no matter how you look at it

and now the vast majority of the coolest skins are locked behind real money instead of optionally behind these burnout grinds.


yeah, the boosting doesn’t honestly personally bother me, because there’s a lot of gear in the game anyway; but I do understand why boosting annoys a lot of other people.

Yup. A lot of casual players like me avoid PvP against other players for various reasons. Gearbox is potentially going to lose casual gamers because other games do offer players vs CPU modes that provide most of the benefits of standard PvP (besides ranked stats and ELO scores).

You’d get more casuals playing if they could work on lore challenges this way.


I think it might be great to have difficulty scales for the AI. I’ve found this useful in learning how to play PvP in other games (and man I need to learn in this, because I am so bad at PvP in this game!)

Then you could have a system like Counter Strike’s where achievements are only available above a certain bot difficulty. Would be a good way into PvP games and give those of us who need to mass murder Ambras a little more hope.


Sorry I realised reading my post back that it sounded kind of like I was just repeating your ideas… So basically I mean ‘I agree!’

Also I’m not sure what it takes to be a ‘casual’ gamer. Right now I’m put off PvP because I’m so terrible at it and don’t always feel like being shouted at :stuck_out_tongue: I will try to improve and do more, but I don’t want to do that just because I feel pressured by my inner completionist.