BOTD renewed my gaming experience

I’ve been having a blast killing everything with my new and improved Breath of the Dying. If only the Kaos’ had the same effects, just in a different element…

BL3 has been a lot of fun lately. Also there’s this Torgue pistol that I picked up that has 33K x3 damage, that is badness, but I can’t remember the name.

It’s been a lot of fun lately.


Would that be the Prompt Critical from Dlc4, it is a beast and lots of fun

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I have tried a few Kaos’ with sub par annoints and thought it was particularly nasty. Still looking for GR BOTD/Kaos lol

What’s buffed in BOTD and Kaos? Are they the same tier now as Faisor or Boom Sickle? As good as the old OPQ before the nerfs?

They buffed the base damage and the damage of the on kill effects(more so on the Kaos), they are pretty entertaining when you kill something now.

Kaos is a knock-off Bloodsplosion now

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BOTD is excellent now. I have a 50/150 one with splash rolls on my class mod and artifact on my Deathless Fl4k and the other day I took it to both Takedowns. I took out Wotan’s lower half with one blast of the orbs and then I went onto defeat Scourge without ever really firing at him, just blowing up stuff near him.

Am I the only one who suicides by BotD orbs all the bloody time? :rofl:
(I haven’t even used it since the buff yet)

As for the Kaos, I only found and used a completely random one with a useless anoint, but it sure did the work.


Not opq way wayyy better than faisor

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Agreed. Although it’s not the BotD for me, 'cause I have yet to find one with 150% rad or 300% phaseslam.

What makes it really fun for me lately is Moze with a Faulty Star and Amaras Karmageddon build. However, if I get a BotD with the right anointment I’m gonna give it a try.

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Ok I watched some vids about the buffed Kaos and BOTD. It looks ok. I’d say useable at M10 but not godly. I might try it with my Bottomless build Moze (3rd Moze)

They aren’t game breaking, but they are capable enough to scratch an itch to use something other than the Plaguebearer/Flipper.


I tested on M10 DLC4 with my Bottomless Moze, the cryo Kaos with n2m 125% is good. It’s better than I expected.

My BoTD with n2m 100% fire is buggy when the anoint is active. It’s stronger without the anoint. I’ll have to find a CH variants.

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Why everyone is thinking that all guns have to be God tier?

The Kaos is a very fun weapon and even if I can’t melt through bosses with it, it’s really nice for mobbing. For me it’s an S tier and my S tier definition is “fun in mobbing situations”.
I just want to play a variety of diffrent weapons instead of rushing through everything with my ch1 flipper. God tier is then for bossing.

I have about 20 guns now for mobbing and I enyoy them all. Sometimes I even don’t know what gun to play next… Have always my ch1 flipper and 300^90 plaquebearer equipped and the other two slots are just for fun.

Sometimes it’s just funnier to use the Starved Beast and not the Flipper.


Everyone? I think you’re exaggerating.

Just because someone is thinking God tier, it doesn’t mean they are being dismissive. It’s simply another benchmark for some folks. Sure some folks think only of god tiers and some folks think of only playing normal mode.

I got 5 Mozes at 65 who’ve completed the campaign where I play around builds without the need to respec. One of them relies on A tier guns. Different flavors for diff stuff. I have Moze builds where only god stuff and god rolls matter.

My bottomless Moze uses Starved Beast and I agree it’s fun. My meta Moze uses Flipper and it’s equally fun for me.

Don’t know what you want to tell me actually…
If it’s just that you use your moze in diffrent ways, but I see only two kinds of moze. One for Moze and one for IB (meele).
My moze can switch between rocketeer and mind sweeper (I don’t own other good coms, but bet I could switch to them too). So for bossing I use the Flipper and for mobbing a bunch of other stuff.

Nothing really. Let’s move on.

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Yeah, you can’t use it to get through the GTD or MTD on M10, but it’s a whole lotta fun anyway.

ehm. Not really.

When you can’t have a discussion about “renewed gaming experience” and a certain weapon without having someone questioning the “god-tierness at MM10”. I think it’s a natural and justifiable reaction.

Yup. :+1:

I certainly like it (BOTD) on my MM7 Zane. It was my go to for corrosive for a while after coming back to the game. Until I found a Gargoyle.
It was my best option to deal with the MM Laser Spinner.
The Kaos was fine too. Felt like I got more from the fire one than the corrosive. idk. Could be a bunch of things.
Simple and effective “point and shoot” guns by DAHL.

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I can’t remember responding to you about this.
I understand if it’s a natural reaction. That’s why I’m correcting the wrong impression. If someone shows me an ugly thing out of the blue, my natural reaction is probably I’ll be surprised. But when someone explains to me why it is, then I will be enlightened.

Edit: Sorry if you are too offended with people comparing guns if they are god tier in M10. It’s a natural reaction for people to compare. Let’a learn to agree it’s all natural reaction.