Both Burning Scoville and Ember's Purge should be farmable

No other challenge reward in the main game is unique. I can eventually find a different Lyuda, Bekah, or Babymaker. Tying unique rewards to challenges that can’t be redone is just terrible.
If I don’t like a quest reward I can reset TVHM.

Making any item ‘once per save file’ is just a bad idea, unless it’s exactly the same every time.


Bekah is only once per play through as well. You can only get it mailed to you for completing all of hammerlocks legendary hunts. But I do agree that there should be away to farm them.


I suppose I didn’t realize the Bekah was unique because I’ve never wanted a different version. That too should be farmable.

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a good idea would be to have them join the loot pool once they are acquired from the main quests tied to them. that way at least there is a chance you can get it as a world drop with different annoints.


I would like to farm tge All In shield


The Rico as well, although certain annoints would be near-invincibility on that one.


Having the Crew Challenge rewards only be accessible by completing the challenges would be fine, if there was a way to reset progress. Either an option in the challenges menu somewhere, or for it to reset automatically when you complete all of that type of challenge. Even if this was only available in TVHM, it’d be a massive step up from “once per save file”, as you say.
Without that option, I totally agree they should be included in the loot pool, in some way, so there’s more chance to farm them.

Ooh, I like this idea. Having some unique and legendary items locked from the loot pool, until you reach certain points in the story/challenges, where you get one as a reward. Not sure how popular it would be to have to unlock them each time, but it’s better than only getting them from finishing those missions/challenges.


They already have the Vibra-Pulse mailed out randomly any time you finish a radio tower. You can farm one by picking an easy tower near a spawn point and reloading the area.

They could just use the same mechanic for the DLC challenges. Go blow up a statue or bottle of sauce, keep trying until you get mail.


This is a great idea!


Agreed. I got a bad scoville that had no prefixes or annointments. Might as well just sell it because it isn’t viable without those things.

for sure, there would need to be balance. especially with the Rico.

Unfortunately, my understanding is that “reflect” doesn’t actually reduce the damage the player takes, instead only sending a bullet back at the enemy. Since enemy health scales way faster than player health/enemy damage, it makes the effect mostly just useful for something like megavore procs on Fl4k.


Reflect (the shield effect, tested kind of extensively since I use a back ham quite a bit) eliminates all damage from the projectile when it procs unless it misses and does splash. It’s easiest to see it if you go fight the Rampager with a high reflect shield on… it’ll bounce back his elemental bolts and usually you’d only have been hit by one. With enemies with guns you’re usually getting hit too much (if you get hit at all) to notice that the damage wasn’t there.
Since melee tends to be easier to avoid (for me anyway) having a ton of DR from skills / class mod and a DR anoint on the shield could push the amount you’re taking that last 20% of the time reflect doesn’t kick in when your shields are down to a manageable level.

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There’s always read-only farming … oh wait, GBX doesn’t want us doing that… hmmm.

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Interesting, thanks for sharing. The sources I’ve heard must’ve been dealing with COV where there’s lots of splash or something. I have a decent anointed back ham in the bank I’ll have to bring out for the Rampager.

Interesting. I read that it takes damage whether it procs or not. I tested it in a Co-op duel and still found shield being damaged even when the bullet bounced back and damaged the other player. So, I thought it was pointless. Maybe it works differently in a duel, but I’ll have to try it out again.
I always felt that it SHOULD reflect the projectile without taking damage.