Both dlc packs for bl2 on PS3 an I can't level up

I have both dlc packs for PS3 . My account is activated an I’m in uvhm . I can’t level past 50 . I have uninstalled and reinstalled both packs . Nothing has changed . What am I doing wrong ? Please help !

Do you see Digistruct Peak as a destination in the fast travel menu, and can you actually travel there?

Yes but I haven’t bought it yet .

Should I buy it or something

UVH2 (second part of UVHM) comes with Digistruct Peak. So if you can’t travel to Digistruct Peak, the game’s clearly not registering the expansion. You can unlock and play in “UVHM” without the UVHM or UVH2 add-ons, but you can’t gain any XP beyond level 50.

When you say you bought both DLC packs, can you verify that you specifically bought and installed UVHM and UVH2? These are not bundled with any of the story DLCs or extra characters.

You probably bought the wrong DLC packs. You need Ultimate Vault hunter upgrade packs one, which increases the level cap to 61, and two, which increases the level cap to 72, unlocks The Raid on Digistruct Peak, and adds the OP levels.

Ok I’m gonna make sure I got the right packs an I’ll get back to you on here

I reached level 50 then I bought the upgrade packs one an two for this system. I jus checked an it’s the only two packs they offer, 1 and 2 . I jus don’t understand why It isn’t registering

Looks like you’ve got the right packs, so not sure why it’s not showing up. You should see Digistruct Peak as a selectable Fast Travel location in any mode. Did you try a full restart of the PS3? If you bought the items while the game was running, it might well not have properly registered. The other thing you could try doing is resetting your progress in UVHM - it may be that your save hasn’t caught up with the new content yet. Use the character select option, then select UVHM, then you should see a button to reset UVHM. If none of that works, then I’d recommend filing a support ticket. You’ll find the link near the top of this page: