'Botjock' was way better than 'Gunner'

What the title says. Not sure why it changed. Perhaps some people didn’t get what a Botjock is. Gunner is just so…nothing, Botjock is more specific and has more personality.

Anyway, who agrees or disagrees with the title, why? I want to know what other people think on this.


…never heard Gunner myself (though for a regional inside joke, Gunner would be pretty hilarious and fit the character).

I can agree. I will say though that “Botjock” might have been a bit misleading. It (to me) sounds like she is a one trick pony who revolves around her robot. You could say the same about FL4K being a “Beastmaster” when they are so much more than just a friend to the animals and Champion of Doggos.

I’m not too sure why it was changed, but my guess is that it was interpreted as more rounded compared to “Botjock”. “Gunner” implies (IMO) skills with weaponry in general and not specifically a mech or robots. IDK. Maybe a dev will comment or something? HINT HINT


I so agree with OP. Pointless change IMO.

We had Roland the Soldier, Axton the Commando, Wilhelm the Enforcer, and now Moze the Gunner. Roland, Axton, and Wilhelm had a pretty similar core concept: all around DPS and survivability with no game breaking gimmicks and support deployables.

Moze doesn’t have a deployable because the mech is not independent of you. That already massively separates her from the prior 3 soldier classes (and honestly, I’d say Zane is more of a soldier class based on his skills) so having a nondescript name like “Gunner” doesn’t clarify anything. It just makes her sound really generic.


Botjock sounds so much cooler indeed, Gunner seems too similar to Commando and Soldier, but maybe that’s what Gearbox is going for to help distinct the typical class borderlands like to feature. The best we can hope is either a quick change or it will be the name of one of her skill trees.

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Agreed, Botjock definitely has a uniqueness to it. More so then just a soldier and a commando.

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Wild guess, based on no info, ‘Botjock’ might be harder to translate into other languages. Or produces hilarious and inappropriate results.

(Edit: sadly, experimenting with Google Translate with the words ‘robot jockey’ fails to raise the slightest chuckle. But my predictive text thinks that when I type ‘botjock’, I mean ‘buttock’. So there’s that, I suppose.)


How is the mech not independent? There are trailers showing it on its own with Moze shooting beside it. We also know that your co-op buddies can get inside it.

Having it be independent when another player climbs in isn’t really being independent. Someone has to get inside it to make it move. Without someone to make it move, until gameplay footage proves otherwise, it can’t do anything.

There’s an augment in the skill tree whereby Moze can exit, iron bear functions as a turret for 15 seconds and then self-destructs into an enemy. Which sounds awesome.


I guess I’m in the minority here, but i prefer Gunner. It sounds more intimidating. Botjock just sounds like a Euphemism .


…or something you’d need a prescription cream for…


Funny, :laughing: i approve.

Makes me think of this movie from my childhood:

I prefer gunner as it tells you exactly how Moze should be played. Botjock sounds like a good dlc additional skill tree.

I prefer “Gunner” myself.

“Botjock” sounds more like what 16-year-old would call himself while thinking he’s invincible.

Gunner makes more sense in the current state of the game because Iron Bear is a walking pile of trash and nobody uses it.