Bots Battle has made me horrible at this game!

I used to be good ( I SWEAR) but having played Bots Battle for the past few months I’ve become arrogant and not mindful of my surrounding.

I find myself over extending waaay too often and not prioritizing enemy players over the Shepard even if they’re right next to me.

I’m hanging around strategically horrible spots just to get a better shot at the Sentry.

What buildables? pffffff, who buys those?

OH YEAH, YOU CAN GET THRALL - I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT! maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I really dont keep thrall in mind any more.


I still try to prioritize the Shepard…


You want to prioritize the shepard over everything else though, in most scenarios. Your efforts to kill anything will be wasted when it pops it’s overshields and saves whatever you were trying to take out.


No, like Rath is running straight at me but I’m still shooting at the Shepard

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Reyna! (The Shepard queen)

…I do OPs, then Bots, and when there’s no queue maybe a few Story repeats.

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Bots Battle has made me THINK I am God-tier at this game!!

Worthy of Song
Three Sum
Fours Sensitive
Angel of Death

All these titles make me feel like S+ Tier.

I’m actually B-tier; get baited by my titles, Scrubs!


I got my WOS in bits as well and feel at about a solid B tier so I know your thought on that!

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Autocorrect reporting for duty? Or did you get it with one kill in 25 matches in a row? :stuck_out_tongue:

Concerning the topic: Bots Battle isn’t a place to learn strategy, but it is a very viable training if you always keep in mind what you can practice in it and what not (Strategy is a big no - map layout, objectives and features of a gamemode, skill usage and coordinating with teammates all are a yes). I’m honestly happy to have it around and not only the Dojo.


Oh don’t get me wrong, I love Bots Battle. It’s the only mode my GF will play so I’ll happily play with her. I just haven’t jumped into a QM in months and when I did I was atrocious.


I’m too, but as long as I’m still occasionally invited to some private games and my friends list isn’t suddenly empty again: Nobody seems to care too much. :slight_smile:

Best post I’ve seen yet in BB