Bots battle Lore challenge fixed yet?

Anyone know if the ability to get Lore challenges through bots battle has been fixed yet?

It needs a patch, they cant do it via hotfix

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They probably won’t touch the game until after their public tournament.

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But even a bots fix? I guess bc there could be unforeseen results? When’s the tourney?

They can change values, numerical values. Reduce/increas damage, cooldown, damage reduction, etc.

An example: kid ultra’s bolas had a stun lvl 8 (or 9) he could stun everyone dmged by it, they could change the stun duration from 2 sec to 1 but players wanted to only affect 1 player hited directly, not everyone. So it got changed in the winter update.

Bots battles got added in the winter update. The lore bug is probably a script bug. Before bots battles you could complete 0 lore, probably something didnt work as intended and conflicted with the “old” way of bots dont count for any lore

Thats why you can complete attikus and kleese maps lore in bots battle bot not the kill x battleborn x times.

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The tournament is March 3 - 5. They can’t fix bots battle without doing a patch so it’s probably a few weeks away, if that soon.

Bummer. I want to finish my lore, dammit! (Pouts in corner)

Anyone know if this has been updated yet?

It would need a patch/update, a hot fix cant fix that, they can tweak numbers and stats but bots battle seems to be a code bug.