Bots Battle Lore still bugged?

Does anyone know if Kelvin’ s Micro Macro Mist Me still not attainable in Bots Battle?
I’ve played a few matches with him and haven’t gotten it once. Largely only focusing on the lore and attacking big packs of enemies with sublimate.
Thanks in advance!

General consensus points to yes, the poor ice hole. It’s the only one still bugged, too.


The last one I need to 100% all lore, too…

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Confirmed. . .Still not working as of 26 June, 2017.

I think jythiri said out would have too wait until the next patch.

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Any mention of this being fixed yet? Just spent like 2 hours trying to do this in bots (didn’t know it was bugged), and more than once I should’ve gotten it but nope, nota. Is a major bummer.

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See comment above.

Not happening until the next patch. IF that ever happens.

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