Bots Battle Lore

Have they fixed the Lore Challenges that won’t unlock in Bots yet? Like Kill Ambra X amount of times.
It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve played (I took a long break to get through Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect Andromeda) so I haven’t tried in a while.
Can anyone confirm if this has been fixed yet, or if they’ve mentioned anything recently about fixing it?

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The issues have not been fixed yet, no ETA on when that might be.


Sad Face



Slight derailment, but MAN, wasn’t Horizon beautiful and awesome?

Finished Platinum’ing it on Hard last weekend…took me about 75 hours all told!

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It was brilliant. It’s probably my game of the year.
Gameplay was complex and technical. Visuals were amazing. Story was brilliant and gripping. An all around solid game.

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I haven’t done hard yet since I jumped right in to Mass Effect after, but I did perfect one of the most savage tactics for opliteralting large enemies. Add me on PSN and watch the video I took of me killing a thunder jaw in like 30 seconds. lmao