Bots Battle Party Mode

Gather friends, and I shall tell you of some very silly ■■■■. The other night, I was playing with my buddy Exeter Squid when he mentioned that he needed some Mellka lore knocked out. He said that he needed to play a match with Ghalt, and myself and three strangers decided to be chivalrous at the same time. 1 Mellka. 4 Ghalts. 1 very happy Reyna on the opposing team. Thus was Party Mode (called that because it’s a Ghalt Party, or a Toby Party, etc…) born.

The mode itself is simple. Everyone plays as the same character, and observe the ■■■■-up cascade that results from this. A 5 Boldur team, for example, is like a school of angry, hairy pirhanas. We stayed as a group, ganging up on each enemy and viciously destroying their kneecaps in a way that would make ISIC shed a single pixelated tear. On the other hand, a well-coordinated team of Tobys with the Double Hug equipped can make an entire lane look like the minefield from Finding Nemo. The Angry Penguin Army is unstoppable. Thus far, the All Montana team (AKA Team Ultimate Muscle) was the most broken. Concentrated fire on anything causes pretty much instant death.

I made this thread because I wanted to see if anyone else did this, and if not, I wanted to introduce the practice to the community. So if you want to make Bots Battle even dumber, go ahead and queue up with some friends or some randos and see if you can get them to agree to this particular brand of idiocy. It’s a wonderful bonding experience and guaranteed to get laughs. If you do, come back here and share stories and team names.

Wow, I just sounded hopeful and earnest in front of the internet. Gonna regret that later.


Yes, and one day you humans will beg us for mercy… And we will consider it.

FEAR ME!! …Please? When you got a sec!



Did the small scale version of it a few times. One Kleese with four El Dragons probably was one of my favourite bot matches, but I’ve also seen someone asking for Boldur for Thorn’s lore and we ended up with a team of two Thorns and three golden Boldurs.

Matching skins is one of the most important things in here!

Didn’t get a full team of all the same characters yet, someone always doesn’t want to. :frowning:


I, err we, no, they, I mean my team did this nearly Team Ultimate Muscle (I was Alani the Savior). Once.
The effect? Quoting enemy team:


All Attikus and it was hilarious.


I came up with the name for the all Benedict team: “Benedict and the Benedict experience: Starring Benedict.” Triple B for short.

Chaos Rumble.

We once went against an all Kleese team with I think 5 Deandes. And low levels who didn’t understand what the rifts were.

The massacre.


Yeah, in chaos rumble the all matching skins is important, because even a coordinated team will have trouble focusing one of you:

Get the Attikus!!!
Which one?!
The red one!
I’m dead, why didn’t you get him?!
I was getting him! His shield was up I had to beat itdown first, and he just pounced away!



Worse Chaos Rumble for me, Raja talked us into being all Miko.
Enemy team turned out to be all Boldur!
It was like jumping into a Shark fest.


I’ve got another one. During the first Chaos Rumble, I was consistently paired with this one team of goofballs against another team of pros. We were getting shitstomped. As a joke, we decided to play an all Oscar Mike team on Temples. It was a horrible loss, but a hell of a lot of fun. We were running around, taunting the other team and stealthing away. They killed the ■■■■ out of us, but we could hear at least one of them laughing. Good times.

5 Orendis with Voxis and Bolas.
This needs to happen!


That much concentrated chaos in one spot MAY cause Solus to go supernova…

Now i’m picturing Super Saiyan Nova…

THIS^ needs to happen!

On it.

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Tried this once. We went against five Kleeses though. We had no aoe. Once they hit level 4 they murdered our first sentry. Getting ulted five times in a row actually became boring

Think bigger my friend. Why not also take the gear that accelerates cooldown per Rogue skill use?

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Oh god why.

I just did a Kelvin party. That team is now known as The Ice Pack, and it is glorious. We used sublimate to surround an opponent, then we all ground pounded and bounced them to death. It was so stupid, but so fun.


Err, can’t one just, like, ye’know, ping the target?

Idk, last time I met all Orendi squad (vs 2 Benedicts, Gals, Alani and Pendles, a friendly Face-Off) during CR it was an ultimate chaos, yes, but pretty much a stomp. I doubt they even were able to activate all their gear.

All for fun and games, not necessarily something that would win.
But free shard, Voxis, and Bolas on top of how fast you could clear waves and thalls would almost garuntee activation of all gear.

Everything would essesntiallt be taking +12% damage constantly, along with 15% of damage dealt to its neighor.

Walking into or landing in a lane would be suicide. Hahah

I believe Bola’s stacks as well, or so I’ve heard

Don’t have the #'s to test that, but that’d be insane.

I know it stacks with Reyna

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5 kleese and you don’t mention the rift network stacking? Black holes are nothing compared to a dozen or more rifts linked together.

5 deandes seems like it would be good but I haven’t really seen it work. I don’t see her getting as much play as a lot of others.