Bots Battle PvP Titles

For me, Bots Battles is a double edged sword…

On one hand it’s great for beginners to get in to PVP without getting stomped and discouraged in to quitting. I also like how it’s a good way to casually have some easy PVP fun and possibly mop up some Lore when you’re in the mood to play but not in a “try hard” mood. For all those reasons I think it was a fantastic addition and I’m glad it’s here to stay.

But on other hand for those of us who put the time and effort in to actual PVP and earned tiles in the past, it’s kind of a slap in the face to see CR 10 players running around with Worthy of Song because they ran Oscar Mike in Bots and absolutely crushed the death hungry AI that just kept running down lane with a bright red target painted on their face. Those titles used to mean something. It was a badge of honor to pin a difficult title next to your Gamer Tag. But now that more and more people are just chucking Bots head first in to the meat grinder on baby fun time frolick mode to get once prestigious titles, they’re slowly loosing their meaning. I used to be proud of my 29kill-3death-32assist Ghalt run that earned my Worthy of Song. Now I just feel kind of silly tacking the title on.

Obviously I’ll take the good and the bad for what I believe is overall an amazing feature to keep in game for myriad reasons. I don’t mind players being able to nock out Lore in Bots, but I do wish that earning titles was locked to legitimate PVP.

Most of the PvP titles barring 1 or 2 mean absolutely nothing, and it’s been that way before Bots Battle.

How many “Old Man Cranky” were gotten prior to Bots Battles in a team of equally competent players? Not many if any. In some cases Bots put up a higher challenge to get those titles than certain players. Is it better to earn Worthy of Song as a CR150 vs CR<10 players? I would argue not.

Just enjoy your titles and the memories of the feats that got you those titles and forget about whoever else is running the title and you should be a happier person.


…I’m one of those who really enjoy the Bots and do not play the legitimate PvP.
My prediction, one year from now the Bots will be around for us and the legitimate PvP players will not.
Don’t debate this with me for the next year, ok? :wink:

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It seems like the only 2 titles that mean anything anymore are Angel of Death and MEDICAL USE ONLY.

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I’m with Rapid_Explosions on this one…most of these titles didn’t have much value because for the most part they weren’t obtained through skill via balanced matches but from taking advantage of the matchmaking system…


Indeed, there is no way to get them vs a competent enemy.

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Even those have lost a lot of meaning. To get them is more of a grind than anything and even unskilled players will eventually get them. In the early days of the game, people rocking AoD or MUO were impressive because they got it before anyone else, now not so much.



I don’t think AoD and MUO are as common as you think they are. Even now, even with bots battle, accomplishing these are a sign of weeks worth of solid game time.

It’s difficult to be completely unskilled at anything you’ve that much time invested in.


It is worth pointing out, that the title is also not indicative of skill.

Many are based on luck.

Others are more are simply based on hours of grinding.

Some are just playing (win or lose) a character enough.

I’ve got to disagree with the OP.

Bots battle gaining titles…well its no different than players helping other players get lore done . This just lets players do it solo.

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I kinda gotta agree with the OP on this one, as primarily a PvE/ bot battle player. It does cheapen a few of the titles, yes. It’s unfortunate.

However, it does still take some amount of skill to get some of them. Yes the computer is suicidal and needs help (for a dollar a day…) But let’s be real…

Have a seat…

Leans in and speaks softly We’ve played with some rock stupid team mates in bots battles. All of us. The one’s that run away from KU’s healing drones, the CR 1 guys that play Toby, the schmuck that hears us talk about Galilea and goes in swinging her meat stick.

Sometimes these titles take a minute. Much much easier than against actual humans, of course. There’s no question. But we gotta drag rocks out of every stream, yaknow?

The only really impressive title anymore is Fours Sensitive

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I would like to see a No Title Option

You are able to have no title, just activate a booster, when the booster expires you will have no title assuming you were using the limited time booster title.

OH really… I guess when I had one wear off I didnt notice and selected a new title. thanks for the information!

its like pay money to get no title

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i have both, they mean nothing