Bots Battle - What's Your play of the Day?

This thread is intended purely for casual game talk, and to share your scores, loadouts and videos/pictures of the success/fun you’ve been having in Bots Battle.

From a non competitive point of view, after this game mode launched i virtually play nothing else, as it’s just nice to tune in, test your gear with all Battleborn and just have a relaxing time helping team or going for as many kills as possible.

As there is no dedicated video share thread, why not just use PS4 or XBOX share and if you can record on PC, then just edit out all the dead space and share.

Please keep the thread civil as it’s not a competitive discussion - just for sharing tips and tricks and good games. Hopefully you can treat it like Item find of the Day - only Play of the Day :smile:


Since the winter update, i’ve gone back to loving the play style of Pheobe - now its less lagy. Been having great success and mas fun chopping Bots to pieces.

Was testing the Heliophagic Goggles last night, so melee attacks can blind when you crit once every 5 secs. Managed my best last night with 34 kills:

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MLG octokill


Can you spectate bots vs bots? Could start a competitive bot scene. Bots random a team, players bet on who will win!


I admire your complete refusal to teleport back to base, no matter how little life you have left.

Fight on DaRTH, fight on.


Everybody fights, no one quits. If you don’t do your job, I’ll kill you myself! …
“Johnny Rico” - Starship Troopers


C u and Jezuz 2nite, Darth? / Gunz

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Just smashed my record, got a 42 kills game with Pheobe. uploading for tmow. Slow start too :blush:



Okay so here’s the story. Me and my buddy Doc up there got teamed up with a group of three. They’re in a group together, remember that part. Kelvin has since become a pet project of mine, but at the time we were working on Doc’s lore for Miko, so it wasn’t a combo we were very used too.

So we end up on Capture: Outback. The two of us run to C as is my habit, and no sooner do we get there than all three of our teammates just up and leave. All three of the group, at the same time. Now it’s just Miko and Kelvin versus the world.

Stu:. …Dude… I think our entire team just left.

Doc: What? Are you for real? Son of a…

Stu: So… Bail?

Doc:. …■■■■ it, we don’t need them.

We then proceeded to run around the map like scared children, capturing points and avoiding conflict for fifteen minutes. The fact that we both had stuns was the deciding factor. And we friggin’ pulled it off!

What makes it all the sweeter is that if they stayed in that group, they had to sit there and wait. The entire. Time.


Where do you get those?


The Heliophagic Goggles.

Also, I had this funny kill where I was one attack from death as Alani and was running from Montana and Kelvin on Echelon(incursion). I left a geyser, jumped off the stairs and turned around. They got caught and I killed them both while in mid-air.

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Lothar Rendain i think.

I love playing Thorn. Shield penetration gets me lots of kills late in the game :wink:

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Yup. Heliophage. Possible boss drop.

Just set my high again, had an awesome game with Oscar Mike. 43kills in Meltdown !

Game of the day was with Kid Ultra though, 3 dropped out even though 1 came back later, and left 2 of us to boss it. Kid did the biz and we still nailed it. Good fun when people drop out :wink: