Bots.... harder?

Does anyone else feel like bots are destroying you like almost immediately after a match starts? Is there a new meta?

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hmmm well they switched the placement/order of bots battle in the PvP queue last week. So you might’ve accidentally been playing against humans


I have never had a bots battle match where my team didn’t completely destroy the bots.


Me neither-- until recently

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Bot Harder!!!

Bots always had the potential to destroy you in 1v1 they aimbot.

Alani and montana are hard… Alani can place those bubles and montana just crit all day.


Alani and Montana are in particular strong AI. Alani’s got aimbot to the point that her autos actually obscure your vision, and montana just doesn’t miss. Also worth noting that bots don’t care for cast ranges or limitations, meaning that Alani can bubble you through walls and Kelvin can stun you with his ult from across the map.




For real?

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Yep. link


I had a noob try to surrender to bots. They were having a hard time.
The best bots battles are when you have two or three people DC.

Bot Montana can be a challenge. 2 of them can be a real pain.

Most of the bots that can crit can melt you. Except melee, they’re to easily avoided.

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Holy ■■■■ lol!

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@dantesolar @beta382


So crazy!

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I’ve had a hard time going against 2 Ghalts, Gali and I forget the other 2. Ghalt bot is RUTHLESS, I swear they can run and shoot at the same time.

If you spin around him, he will spend his time spinning around trying to find you.

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Wow. Bot-Kelvin apparently uses the Zer0 AI - “I NEVER DIE!”


I infrequently perish.

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