Bots in PvP to replace leavers?

Umm… when was this introduced?


someone reported this like a month or two back i think? so far this is only the second time ive seen it. seems like a reeeeeally low chance bug, or a reeeeeeeeally off chance to succeed feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Just had it happen to me the very next game, but the guy that dodged on my team in character select didn’t get a bot version of himself.

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On BB day on PC someone disconnected before character selection and no bots was added. As usually, we had to go through the whole “waiting-victory-waiting” routine.

It’s only been happening with people that leave during the actual match. I just find it strange they would implement this change without letting everyone know. It’s honestly a very welcome change since leavers have been incredibly active, at least on PS4.


i havent had it happen to any of my in game afkers or leavers this past weekend :frowning:

Not seen leavers replaced by Bots on XB1, although the only versus I’ve done was Bots Battle.

In bots battle, I agree. In PvP the bots just feed a couple of deaths and then disappear.

I’d prefer some lane presence to no presence. It’s not how I’d optimally address the situation, but at least it’s something.


It’s confirmed and I dig it. Something is better than nothing.


It can lead to some interesting times. I was doing a 3v3 private with @SageWindu, with a Kleese to round out our team. He kept chasing me down to restore my shields with his mortar attack.

I was playing Kelvin… :dukefp:


Yeah, this feature should have been added from the start. It seems a no brainer to me.

Same here. It doesn’t make sense why the devs didn’t implement this feature during the early stages of the game. They could have prevented so many players that rage quit because of players that rage quit in a match lol. Let’s not forget the pointless labels, threads and hatred that developed because of it on this forum.