Bots Matches Live

So after handily wiping the floor with the bots in an Incursion with mostly lvl 20’s in the group, I’d say the bots are…slightly better then regular? I got a couple of double kills, which sadly counted towards my stats. This just feels so cheap


Damn so the multikills do actually count? Here goes genuine Fours Sensitive…

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I’m kind of bitter about the fact that bots battles counts the stats. I would actually like Bot battles to stay permanently, but only if stats did not count and it was considered to be a practice playlist.


They count? Oh damn it. I wanted to play this mode with my gf, because she’s excited for the mix of public PVP and bot opponents, but I don’t want a bunch of meaningless stats and multi-kills on my Mellka…

Guess I don’t have much choice though. I can hardly tell her “No bot battles for us, my K/D won’t be meaningful any more!” :stuck_out_tongue:


just play El Dragon then :wink:

I actually play a pretty legit Dragon, haha.

Worst thing is, I’m not Angel of Death yet, and I was kinda hoping to get there purely on claw power :stuck_out_tongue:

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Miko Penta, now’s your chance. :stuck_out_tongue:


This event just killed all legitimacy of PvP stats.

Might avoid it to stay pure, aka accept that fours sensitive will never be mine.

What a crisis of conscience.


I’d rather the Reyna penta… it’s better-looking :wink:

Actually Reyna Penta would probably be even harder!

Yeah, the stats and titles are now USELESS. Sad face.

Part of me wants to say “Well, they’re kinda meaningless in a game without proper matchmaking anyway, so maybe we should just embrace it!” And avoiding it would remind me of how much of a slave to the numbers I’ve become.

On the other hand, I really, really love following those numbers. My remaining meaningful milestones are tied up in those numbers. Sigh.

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I just want to sit in a corner quietly for a while.

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I am a person that doesn’t care about titles and stats so they indeed are quite meaningless to me, BUT it does feel very rewarding when you finally get a title you’ve been wanting for so long.


Funny thing is, as much as challenges has become more obsolete, I felt they had already been hallowed out due to the matchmaking (at least on the PS4) consistently putting high-leveled teams against new players with a few exceptions.

I used to be happy over my K/D, A/D, W/L and even my multikills. But lately the meaning of these things have become more irrelevant.

Always happy to derail posts in a really positive manner :grin:


For me, it was the lack of higher titles, achievements, unlocks etc. for Mellka that really got me sucked into chasing stats with her. My hope is to get my Fours Sensitive quads, Pentakill! penta, and remaining kills for Angel of Death using her alone (Mell already has 60% of my total kills!)

I could easily abuse this event to rake in those totals, and arguably it wouldn’t be any different to getting them against new players (who are worse than bots, sometimes), but there’s just something utterly cold about it. I mean, ultimately, quads and pentas are absurd anyway, so I shouldn’t really resist it as much as I do…

…but it feels wrong still :{

Admittedly none of my four quads have come against strong opponents, but many of my triples did.

Getting a quad against some bots definitely won’t have the same thrill as doing it in a real match, even if the enemies aren’t the best.

I do take your point though. Everyone’s stats are padded by bad matchmaking and hindered by PvE anyway.

Maybe that’s the rationale I need. This is my chance to use some PVE opponents to balance out the huge death deficit PVE originally burdened me with :stuck_out_tongue:

I have master of Toby, and need nothing else. Also, i have no desire to kill bots, and the new players who need that lobby to themselves.

Toby: What about my upcoming CR20 title and chibi emblem?

Love will find a way… Platonic love… DON’T YOU GUYS LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT!!


Would’ve been cool if they could add dynamic titles which would showcase select stats live from ones profile. “9616 kills as Melka” for instance or personal bests of said character.
My proudest accomplishment in this game may be when I got 171K healing done in a match of Incursion as Miko, I’d love to wear that on my sleeve :stuck_out_tongue:

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