Bottomless mags interaction with COV and heavies

COV weapons and heavies doesn’t synergies with the bottomless mag tree, but they aren’t stronger by any means, so it should be great if they could buff them with something like that :

  • Cloud of Lead should make so that COV weapons doesn’t get any heat every 4 shots (at 5/5 points)

  • Redistribution and forge should take for each 5% of the maximum heat meter per sec and should work with heavies (There are a lot of weapons that deals more damage than heavies and it would create more synergies with the Demolition Woman tree)

To counter the COV weapons infinite regen you could make it so that they regen ammo only while having heat.

What is your opinion on that subject? From my experience it ruins COV weapons for my build, and I tend to use rarely heavies due to that

The two key BM skills for a COV build in the Bottomless Mags tree are Matched Set (which reduces heat buildup per shot for every piece of COV gear you hold) and Click Click, which will increase your damage as your gun heats up. You can get both of these skills on the “Lemniscate” epic class mod.

As far as I can tell, Cloud of Lead does not effect weapon heat, but it does increase a COV gun’s “shots before break” by 25%. Forge And Redistribution do return ammo to your mag on COV weapons, but it scales off the weapon’s “shots before break,” not the amount of bullets you’re holding.

For heavy weapons, there is always “One for the Road” — just hop in and out of Iron Bear and hold down the trigger on your favorite rapid fire heavy for 5 seconds. The Quickie is arguably the best for this, but there are rapid fire Vladofs and COV heavies as well — I just forgot their names.