Bought a Norfleet with VIP points... where is it?

…because it isn’t in my character’s backpack.

And I’ve only loaded my level 80 MAya in the last week or so.

I THINK but am not certain, you have to go in your shift portion of BL2 and see it first.

When did you redeem the code (or points rather)?

I bought a Norfleet for one of my Axtons (my only character at level 80 at the time that didn’t have previous OP levels achieved. The redeemed weapon will scale up to the max OP level you have on that character, similar to how the golden chest will do the same, even if you choose a lower OP level at character select. And I wanted a plain old level 80 Norfleet.) I started the game, it wasn’t in his pack, so I quit out, went to character select, and re-selected him (without choosing another character first!) to ‘refresh’ him and then it was there when I went back to in-game.

This was all within like 10 minutes of redeeming the points… if it hasn’t been there all week for you then I suppose it’s support ticket time. :frowning:

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I redeemed them yesterday evening.

I rolled an Absolute Zero as my FREE gun.

Do I have to redeem that forst or something, maybe?

That would suck, as I want to get a TPS character up to max first.

I went ahead and signed in to TPS on PSN, and still no guns.

Gearbox reached out and asked if the problem had resolved itself.

It has not.

This sucks.