Bought Diamond Loot Edition - No Code?

Hello all,

I bought the Diamond Loot Edition of Borderlands 3. Just opened it a week ago with my wife and nowhere inside the box could we find a download key or a copy of the game. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve emailed 2k support and they told me to email gearbox store, so i emailed gearbox store and they told me to email 2k support. I’m not really sure what to do here. Maybe the key is hidden somewhere (like some kind of sadistic joke), anyone else who has purchased this edition where could it be inside the box?

What version? Cause there were two of them at launch, one with the game and second cheaper without game.

Was this the special offer from the Gearbox Store that was put out a few weeks back? If it was this one:

then that did not include the game.

There should have been a dungeon master bi-fold box thing that holds the steel book, and then the steel book contained the code. Sounds like you may have gotten the one without the game though.

Thanks for the response! Yep i bought this back in September 2019 for 189.99. Did not realize it didn’t come with the game. Seems crazy to me but it is what it is I guess. You’d think with all the emailing I did back and forth to Gearbox and 2K that one of them would be able to tell me that, lol.

The version including the game was actually quite a bit more (I think it was the super deluxe version with the season pass included)