Bought DLC, unable to access content

I recently purchased the Moxxi Heist DLC for BL3, and found I wasn’t able to access the content. After a few days of tinkering, I tried deleting the file for the DLC. When I tried to redownload the DLC it wouldn’t allow me to download it at all. Please help!
Thank you!

Try to access the store page through the poster outside moxxi’s bar in sanctuary; thats how i first got mine to start + download

When I try to access the PlayStation Store in-game, it shows an error message saying, “this content is not available at this time”.

Might be the dumb answer. You have to grab the mission inside sanctuary to start it.

I tried that on every character, it keeps showing the same text as before. It’s still blocking me from the DLC.

Go to your “Purchased” section of your psn library, select the DLC.