Bought it on pre-order but didnt get the preorderbonus

Hey, first of alll the first few hours have been a blast and im loving it so far!
i bought in on mmoga and they stated that its a preordercode, so i was quite confident i would get the golden skins and first 25 heros unlocked !
it appears i dont have anything unlocked from that tho, now im wonderin if the mmoga thing is not official, even tho usually mmoga is kinda trustworthy. would be nice if a dev or some players could answer! ty guys!

Well, preorder doesn’t give you the 25 characters unlocked.

I don’t believe first 25 heroes unlocked was ever a thing. Skins was though. Have you contacted support yet? That would be my first stop.

oh thanks guess im an idiot

ty, gotta try that, i clicked it one the hp and nothing happened tho >.>

I think you should contact support for MMOGA first to see if they just need to send you another code. I pre-purchesed through a console so the Firstborn pack was there and ready when I started playing (pre-installed last week).

Also, there were no deals to unlock any of the characters early. The season pass mentions something about unlocking the new DLC characters right away as they come out which sounds to me like you won’t have to do any extra activities (like getting X number of assists or getting to Command rank X). The first 5 new characters will be available to everyone though, according to the team at their PAX East panel.

Only time will tell though.

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This might help, but I didn’t read through it…

Or this:

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Yeah, it looks like you may want to contact the seller. If it is legit it looks like they need to get a separate code from whoever the supplier was and then get that to you.

Hey @1hro337,

Please do put in a support ticket as @nathanielmattock stated.

It’ll expedite the process exponentially and on release dates they tend to be extra staffed to deal with all the first time users.

i have not been able to figure out how to redeem my firstborn stuff, everything for getting the deluxe purchase i have fine

I pre ordered the game digitally from the Xbox one store and I can’t figure out how to get my golden skins. Everything else from the digital deluxe was there, including a few extra skins and taunts but no golden skins.

I got all my items from my physical copy, Gamestop did notify me that some of the codes from GB would take a few hours to work properly and to just give it time.

I still don’t have my gold skins. :frowning: