Bought Jennerit loot packs give nothing but gear?

I have bought over 20 of the things and never seen a taunt or Skin inside. I have gotten skins and taunts from the reward ones infact reward packs would almost always give me both :stuck_out_tongue: idk if the chance is lower on non reward ones or I just have terrible luck :stuck_out_tongue: if anyone has any evidence to the contrary please share :slight_smile:

The commander packs almost guarantee a skin or taunt. The faction packs however have a very small chance for those, at least in my experience. What I do is save up a bunch of credits and then buy a bunch of packs.

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The wired thing is I have bought like 3 rogue packs and every single one gave me a skin and one also had a taunt :stuck_out_tongue: the same thing happened when I bought llc packs :stuck_out_tongue: i guess it is just my strange dumb luck then.

I also feel like we have less chance with jennerit pack than others xD

I already bought near to 80 jennerit pack now and got only 3 skins, 1 taunt and near to 10x500coins
And for LLC i never bought any packs but i already have 7 skins and 4 taunts…

I really feel unlucky

Idk maybe there is a flaw in the random number generator? That or it just our wired luck still if there are othere experiencing this I hope they speak up so Gearbox will investigate.

Jennerit has been super stingy with me as well, spent probly 50k or more so far (in search of Voxis Core) and havent been getting anything worth noting, i just stopped buying them for now because turning 1900 credits into 50 is not the kind of magic im looking for.

They are guaranteed a skin, a taunt, OR 500 credits, which I discovered from about half the command packs I got :rage: There is no emoji that can properly describe my frustration.

About 15 Jennerit Loot packs purchased.

2 skins

Only got 5 skins all for attikus and a few 500 credits. Spent well over 90k in credits.

I keep getting credits now…

My theory on that is that when the RNG roll lands on a skin you already have, it gives you 500 credits instead, and 1000 credits for a taunt you already have.

Pretty bullsh*t imo - it should really just reroll on a special table that contains nothing but skins or taunts until it hits one you don’t have, or runs out of ones to check (meaning you have them all).

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OUCH that is kinda really crappy :frowning: its should probably just re role another skin in the loot pool. As a former WoW mount Hunter I know that RNG can be stingy as hell but seriously if a Boss had two rare mounts and the RNG rolled for mount I had then just gave me Gold I would probably stop farming that Boss :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like they may need to change the way this works. I know its only cosmetic but keep in mind there are lots of gamers who want all the skins and taunts for there favorite characters so they feel like said character is " complete" i got all 3 Rath pack Skins in the beta but have not gotten one and I’m rank 100 now with only 1 character Jenni loot pack left :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmm. This means that it will be VERY hard to get the last few skins and taunts for a faction…

This even applies even to the “Command Packs” that you get every 5 Command Levels and are supposed to have a “guaranteed skin” in them… /cry

I wish it did that. Nothing is more frustrating then paying 1900 for 2 greens and 500 credits…

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HA! You don’t even get the 500 credits 90% of the damn time… Y_Y

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As a person who has now reached rank 100 and just spent over 80 000 credits on loot packs I can honestly say I wish there where more character spicific challanges to get skins rather then have them in the loot packs. I think it would also be better in the sence that people would see them and be like WOHOW what challange is that skin from! Or Wow she or he did that challenge! Hope with future skins and taunts they choose to have some new challenges rather then just throw them in the loot packs and say “good like”

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been saving and spending my credits on Jennerit packs, and I’ve had MUCH better luck on getting skins and taunts from all the other faction packs. It seems to me the chances of getting a skin or taunt from a Jennerit pack is a lot slimmer for some reason. Sucks.

It just depends on what faction you have the LEAST number of skins and taunts for. As you unlock more of them for a faction, your chances of getting a new one go down, as you chances of getting credits go up… >_<

I have very few jennerit skins/taunts, but am experiencing the same lack of drop from the purchased packs. something is definitely buggy about the drop rates, been buying three or fourpacksa day for a week now fishing for ambra customizations, and have gotten one attikus skin, and one attikus taunt. never seemed to have such terrible luck with the other factions.

Idk if it was a special day or what but 2 days ago I got a skin and taunt from commander pack and every pack I bought gave me a skin or taunt