Bought Tales season pass on 360, do I have to buy it again on One?

Hiii, so I bought the season pass for TFTB around when episode 2 came out, and after completing episode 4 I upgraded from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. I go to the store and it says I have to re-purchase the season pass/episodes, yet I bought the season pass before… I thought Xbox merchandise transfered from old Gen to next Gen… after all it was like that for CoD: Advanced Warfare.

Any answers?

Might depend on the title. Let us know what you find out.

No content “upgrades” from X360 to XB1 unless the dev/pub add code to support it. Activision specifically allowed a cross-gen DLC/save upgrade path for early-adopters in order to keep older console owners still playing the game when they upgraded their console … but you still have to insert the X360 game into their XB1 & play a unique build.

“Pinball FX2” also supports an upgrade path of DLC from X360 to XB1, but as you know, it’s only 1-directional. Same goes with save-games for BL2/BL:TPS from X360 to XB1, as well as DLC content for “Rock Band” 1/2/3 (X360) mostly transferring to RB4 (XB1), provided Harmonix could retain the song licenses. “Castle Crashers” even offered a free XB1 download of CC for X360 owners, but the offer was only good for about 2 weeks, and now you have to pay for another license. All of these are special-case scenarios that are specifically coded by the dev/pub, and Telltale has decided not to offer dual-console licenses, so you’ll just have to re-buy the license at a later time.

The 1 consolation I could offer (regarding Tales) is that the heads/skins you got using the X360 Tales with X360 BL:TPS are upgradable to XB1 simply by importing an X360 TPS save-game (created after you bought the Tales season pass) into your XB1 collection copy, and voila, you now have the heads/skins on XB1 for owning the X360 Tales season pass. :smile: