Bought the game 2 weeks ago - Suggestions

I bought the game 2 weeks ago, I bought the PS4 version for my son 2 years ago and never thought the game could be this fun, the problem is that PC population is dead and I don’t have the power to force people to play it.

You should make some sale including operations, I know I’m probably beating on a dead horse but I have to try, I believe that if you do this you will create enough incentive to buy the game, make a good darn adv of what you offer on your sale please, most people don’t even understand what they miss if they don’t buy the full game and this game is too old now to try to squeeze more money from the operation missions.

Another dead horse, cross platform, I can barely find matches vs bots, I haven’t ever been able to PvP in 2 weeks I bought the game.

The Fortnite freaking fever is bad enough for you to be riding a high horse, make sales please; I’m not saying the game isn’t worth its value, it does; but what good is that if nobody buys it?

Probably the best chance for new people who haven’t been around long enough to know almost every active player is joining discord and asking around there:

They are actually doing casual PvP a lot more often now too and it’s not only the tryhard lobbies anymore.


I found some friends during story public queues. Whenever you find one add them as friends after completing a match from story. I had days off where I finally get to have 2-5 man groups. The 5 man groups are the best because it raises the difficulty and more enemies are spawned in with higher damage and health. Whenever you make friends and some of them mention about going back to school, tell them to spread the word about the game. It got good sense of humor and action.

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I went to Battleborn discord and have had better luck there, pretty fun; I’m also commenting on Paragon videos which might be interested on this game, it is harder for PC players that’s all, my son plays on PS4 and has no issues finding matches, be PvP or vs bots or story.

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