Bought the super deluxe, but no season pass

Hello i dont know if im the only one but i bought the super deluxe edition on the ps4 and i saw that i dont have the season pass, is this a bug or is there something wrond when i payed for it (i paid for the super deluxe pre order) the borderlads series is my favorite gaming series and it would be a shame if because of this that it would be ruined

If you access the poster for the dlc in sanctuary it should take you to the correct page; should show up “free” as your correct, season pass is included in deluxe edition

  • did you get it as disc copy? May have a code to input

i already tried that and it said that i needed to buy it and no i bought it in the psn store

May have to bring this up with psn store; i doubt gearbox is able to do anything

okeey will do, thanks for the help