Bought Thrall Rebellion but can't play it

My girlfriend was signed in to her account as player two on my XBox. We wanted to play Thrall DLC so we bought her 700 points to get it. A match we had neglected to unqueque popped and pulled us from the marketplace before we could buy the DLC. I’m unsure if that’s related, but after leaving the match we spent the 700 points on Thrall Rebellion. When we tried to play the operation, it said not all players had the DLC. I’ve had it and beaten it 10-15 times, and we literally just bought it for her, but it won’t let her play. We even turned the game off and back on, signed her in as player one and checked but still couldn’t play it.
I checked my bank statement and it shows the funds removed, we saw the 700 points in the command center, chose Thrall Rebellion, the 700 points were removed, but she still can’t play. Is there a way I can get that money refunded, or ACTUALLY get access to the DLC I just bought? It’s extremely frustrating.

Unfortunately, even though she was signed in to her command center the purchase annoyingly went to my account. If her account is the one that chooses the purchase, it should go to her account. Not a different account that’s not even signed in to the command center. But whatever, I guess I’ll just spend those points one taunts or something in the future.

This is a job for support. Get your girlfriend to file a support ticket here:

You may want to see if you can grab screenshots of her purchases (either within the game or through the MS store - you can grab a screen shot if you log in via your computer to the XBL site)

Hopefully support will get back to you and be able to solve the issue.