Bounce and Jump Mechanics Discussion Board

Alright let me cut to the chase, playing the BattleBorn Open Beta I did not find any real major issues. HOWEVER, Something did catch my attention and I just wanted to make sure I put it out there. Jump and Bounce machanics. EXAMPLE 1, Rath is ulting after his knock up and the enemy battleborn lands on top of him. The enemy BattleBorn then proceeds to be stuck bouncing on rath’s head while he helplessly ults beneath the feet of his foe. EXAMPLE 2 (Really unlucky personal experience) Running for my life from two enemy BattleBorn. I jump off a small ledge and land between an enemy minion wave and a wall. I then try to jump over the minions and escape. No dice. Instead I have to sit there awaiting the inevitable as the two rapidly approaching BattleBorn catch up and slaughter me. You may wonder why I didn’t kill the minions and free myself. My abilities were on cool down and there just simply was not enough time to melee the minions to death. The other potential issue I noticed was that if you don’t time your hop just right when jumping onto a small ledge you can easily hit the wall and fall instead of getting up. Im talking about those tiny 1.5 foot high ledges. Now I’m not saying either of these are game-breaking bugs but they are something that GearBox might want to take a look at. Thank you for your time and additional comments :grin:

I agree, I don’t know if it was just the beta or not, but I ran into quite a few issues with this as well. Hell, once I ended up jumping on one of my teamates heads’ and it ended up keeping us both in place for a good 5 seconds; me constantly bouncing on Montanas tiny head, and Montana being unable to move because of the collision detection or some such thing. It doesn’t happen often mind you, but could potentially be an extremely easy double kill some day.