Bounce B4ck Fl4k

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there is/are any smart and savvy folks who want to come up with a Fl4k build revolving around a Recursion shotgun. I feel like if Megavore hits on the ricochets of the recursion, could be very deadly.

Let me know if anyone has some good recommendations and ideas!

Happy hunting!


Look up a youtuber called Moxsy and search for a build called Refl4ktion.
It‘s exactly what you are looking for.
Basically Recursion plus ASEs plus Megavore.

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not level 53, so not too sure where to allocate the extra points…

any suggestions?

I‘d go with either Pack Tactics because it‘s universal dmg buff or Grim Harvest as the gun dmg and action skill dmg benefits Rakk Attack and guns.

This you can run any build you want with the recursion the important part is having ASE’s to add projectiles and Megavore, probably want Two Fang as well. Rakk is going to be the easiest to constantly proc ASE.

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I feel as though have ASE’s to add projectiles is not the most important part. After watching Moxsy’s Refl4ktion build, he highly recommends using Life Steal anoints on ASE to keep health up as Fl4k does not have the best health statistics or regeneration in the game.

Just food for thought.

Yeah life steal on the weapon is good but I was referring to the shield and nade. The ASE’s are important for the damage ramp-up. Also Moxsy while being a good content creator, isn’t all-knowing so it’s nice to try different things for yourself and see what works best for you.


Agreed. Well said.


If you consider how quickly the recursion kills mobs and takedown bosses having an Otto idol artifact or going with 5 points in rage and recovery should be enough survivability for most situations.
Three shot fadeaway gets the most damage out of this gun but using the rakks can give an extra source of healing and guarantees you’ll always be able to use the ase elements, assuming headcount behaves.

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Have life steal on your weapon sure. The important thing is having ase elemental on your grenade and shield. If u run rakk attack you would almost constantly be spawning 3 extra projectiles, while at the same time getting life steal . Last dude was right when he says life steal isn’t to great. But when u are getting it at all times ita not bad. I run to recursion. ome with life steal that is shock/corrosive then one that I really love fire/corrosion with cryo ase. I almost always use the fire for the second one. And I base my shield nade elements on what I’m using. So if I’m using my fire with cryo after action skill. I’ll do like radiation and corrosion, or if I’m using my life steal one I’ll go cryo/radiation.