Bouncing bonny farm

How do you get the bloody bouncing bonny? I’ve tried to to get it for ages but to no avail. It’s one of the few weapons I still need to collect and I was wondering where the best place to get it would be

Loot Midgets, red chests, or the Snowman chest are your best bet - it doesn’t have an assigned source.


Okay. I’ve just been searching for so long it feels rarer than the cobra

Yeah, loot midgets is your best bet
Unless GBX decides to take our suggestion to assign it to another boss (like… Bad Maw or Mad Mike)

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The chances of that are slimmer than me getting the bloody grenade haha

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What platform are you…if you are PC…I think I have an old Loot Chest Shift Code for a Legendary Bouncing Bonnie I can PM you.

Ps4 :confused:

If anyone wants one on the 360, I have an OP 4 one.

Farm Pete for crystals, and get a crossfire from Torgue seraph instead. Isn’t the crossfire functionally just a badass bouncing bonny?

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I personally think they are better than Bonnies…and FAR easier to get what you want…Longbow, Homing, Lobbed. etc.

AND you can get them at lower levels which have the same slag chance…but likely won’t kill you if you get too close.

Wait do u have a norfeet to for Xbox 360

Again. This is not the correct place to ask for trades.
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