Bounty of Blood DLC Glitch 03/02/2021

Hi there,

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but I recently bought Bounty of Blood and I got all the way through it and onto the last mission to find it has glitched. I can’t actually complete the game because I’m guessing a character has to blow a door open but they just stand there and repeat the same dialogue. Is there an update due at all? Really frustrating!!



Can you give some more details?

Sure thing, the final mission started fine but as we were following the group through the canyon area leading to the place where Rose is, we got attacked by enemies so we stopped to kill them and then proceeded to the area labelled on the map. Once we arrived we couldn’t do anything, the area Rose is in is shut off and the characters are just stood there repeating the same dialogue over and over. We’re unable to complete the final mission - really frustrating when it’s paid for DLC. I just recently switched to a PS5 and I’ve got the same error still, redownloaded the DLC and still there.

Anyone know if there’s been any fix for this? So so so frustrating to have paid for DLC and to be able to finish it.


same issue here. what a loss. cant complete it either…

The only work-around is to join someone else’s game at the point before the posse leaves, and make sure you stay until the door is blown and you’ve completed the story through to being on the next map.

I know one of the ways the mission can bug out is if you don’t stick with the posse and follow-through past the door being opened eg. if you decide to make a side trip to a vendor or your bank vault. I’m not sure if there’s anything else that causes this issue.

There is a way to report this bug to 2k/Gearbox to solve this?

Link in this post:

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