Bounty of blood hotfix and buffs

After spending some time with the new Bounty of blood I have to say and bring me back to what made me love Borderlands in the first place. The pacing of the story the quirky narration the minimal cutscenes. Having a total blast on the DLC content. With the hotfix in the scaling of abilities with Mayhem. I’m finding that I can have fun on end game content without using some hokey cheesy exploit or gimmick… I’m looking at you moze and Amara. The only hold back his dad the two other classes flak and Zane seem to be left behind with the bills that I generally use and prefer that fit my playstyle. Which is only kind of hold back because I felt like I really wanted to enjoy the siren in the Gunner. Anyhow big thank you to gearbox for bringing it back it reminded me why I liked Borderlands. so many other game franchises have had following dad I count it on and just blindly purchased with no reward and I’m sure a lot pf you guys feel the same way with the many letdowns in the past year of many really anticipated titles.