Bounty of Blood is English audio only?

Hi. My game is Spanish version, in Bounty of Blood the text is shown in my language but the audio is in English. Is it a programming error or for other languages should we wait?

I have the same problem with the Italian version on PC…

It seems that for reasons of covid19 only the English and German languages are available for the audio of the game. What an excuse.

Covid 19 only affects those of us who do not speak English or German.

I updated the game 2 hours ago. Is June 27.

I am not demanding privileges. It doesn’t seem fair to me that for certain languages some players have to wait while for others their language is available the first day. I am sure that I paid in Spain for the game at the same price that an English citizen paid for her game in England.

No-one is saying that you are doing that. But gearbox have recognised the logistical problem and will provide those other languages as soon as it is practical and safe to do so.

And here I sit and wait to see if ANY game will have AT LEAST Polish subtitles…
because almost everyone forgets we exist…