Bounty of Blood Is Just Superb!

People can rightly complain about Mahem, and scaling, and end game, and attempts to become a “service game,” and…yada, yada, yada…

But I am reminded in this DLC…once again

When Gearbox sticks to their “Borderlands roots” they produce a damn fine little piece of entertainment.

They can DO a story DLC!!

And this one is just superb! The polish, the feel of it, the narration, the side quests…more unique and legendary equipment than any DLC in the franchise’s history. And good equipment…not fillers.

it’s just damn FUN!

Thank you GB!


I’m enjoying it too! Playing on M10 with Yellowcake. Without the yellow, i don’t think I’d be getting through it.

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Couldn’t agree more. Fantastic work all round. Love the level design and new gear.

Story is great fun and some portal vibes at the end.

More level design like this and less like guardian take down please.


I think it was crap. I thought the blatant western troupes were stupid, the use of the narrator was lazy, stupid, and annoying. I think the villain was lazy poorly fleshed out and lacking any real motive. the characters were cliche and uninteresting
the lack of explanation of the definitively asian architecture origin without any form of explanation was poor world building especially considering the people there were Jacobs.

I will say the music was decent and the level design was solid. However, overall if ye olde western aesthetic doesn’t make you foam at the mouth and/or other orifices it really has no meat and potatoes. Pretty par for the course for BL3.


Got to say I agree with the OP this new DLC has reminded me how good this game is. When it’s on song it’s my favourite game and I can’t wait to play again.

They’ve had some stick over the past few weeks but fair play this DLC and the patches make you realise how good this game is


Everything you just said…I totally disagree with…

Just a different opinion I guess.

To me…it’s Borderlands…

It’s chintzy. it’s gross, it’s cartoonish graphics, it’s your screen being overloaded with explosions…not a lot makes sense in a real world picture.

And it’s fun as hell.

This version of the franchise only seems to struggle when they get away from what they do best.

Again…my opinion…you have every right to yours.


I really enjoyed this DLC.
Yeah, some of story was a little flat, but other parts were excellent. FL4K and the Narrator had great lines that kept me laughing so often.
Overall it was good entertainment.
GBX did a good job on it.
Fortunately the big patch actually fixed alot of things. I was afraid this DLC would suffer just from the cluster f*ck MH2.0 release, but they fixed enough it allowed the DLC to be itself.


If you pick up a Gargoyle, Flipper, Dowsing Rod (on Grenade Mode), Root and some others…it evens out M10 nicely.

I got a world drop of a cryo Boom Sickle and it has helped a TON. Level 57 Sandhawk still hits very hard as well.

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No, borderlands 2 was a game that thrived due to its deep characters and vivid emotions. Butt stallion was not the foundation of borderlands 2, it was a symptom of it’s quirky personality. Borderlands 3 is all butt stallion, no weeping like a child because Tina can’t accept Roland’s death. The pang of guilt for murdering a man’s baby girl. It’s shallow, superficial, and mediocre. Nothing in Borderlands 3 really inspires any deep thought, questions of morality, or even whether or not maybe you aren’t the good guy. Bounty of blood doesn’t even begin to approach anything of the previous borderlands, it is a caricature of what they thought it was.


Deep isn’t the right word. Jack was deep Lilith ehhhh, but still they weren’t the 2d trash you see now. They actually had more going on like Lilith’s courting of Roland.


Shogunwestern, I could swear its a genre or this is like a homage to something.

Its definitely a theme, love the Mt. Fuji looking background and Rose, very eccentric whistling wild western yet oddly coming across as formal Japanese.
Faint mannerisms, I like seeing the new entrances. BL badass sighted, colorful unique… Opps bye sheriff lol

I immerse and role play my toon a lot and it felt like joining the Crimson Raiders was a very long time ago as we broke out onto the Blastplains… And the narrator;

“The frontier stretched out so far you could tell yourself heaven was close… Even though ruin was closer.”

I love this galaxy and space merc lyf


Overall, I did enjoy this dlc.

What I like most is the amount of mini bosses to farm the new legendaries. I also like the high drop rates that somewhat counter the over abundance of trash anointed drops.

As expected, the new weapons are awesome (for now) and the Flipper is just amazing (for now) and GB has managed to bring some fun back to the game.

All in all, a win for GB.

What Immediately came to my mind with the Japanese-Western theme was a nod to The Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven.

Borderlands version: The Four Samurai and The Magnificent Four.

Mixed in with a little John Wayne and Rio Bravo.


Absolutely, man. They did a really good job this time!


I loved this new Dlc as well, I honestly dont understand the folks hating on it but we all have different opinions!

I loved the vibe, the setting, narrator, story was short but sweet. Best of all they added some super fun guns to this thing - really breathed new life into the game for me.

Definitely my top dlc for BL3 right now - for me it far exceeded dlc 1 and 2. Just wish they introduced new class mods for this one so we could try out even more builds


The Boom Sickle is awesome again. I was going to use the Harold but… Boom Sickle


Yeah we are totally enjoying it much more than the last DLC. I wonder if it was a different team?

On a side note, are the two Gehenna locations related?

Yeah, lots of aspects of this DLC I liked. The large amount of named bosses, the general area variety and layout, and thankfully only one large overland zone that wasn’t filled with empty space. The quests too overall were quite fun and interesting and I liked most of the characters. Bosses were also much more fun, and thankfully devoid of obnoxious immunity phases. Crew challenges were also good and cleverly placed in my opinion. I hope it hints at Fl4k maybe getting a Devil of their own some time.

Yep i liked it alot weapons were good too to bad the guardian takedown was trash will never playthrough it again the guns in it are terrible what were they thinking if this is the kind of effort we will see in the takedowns just stick to dlc like this one i know the takedowns are free but they are just time consuming for no great reward.

They were probably named after it for similar reasons. Gehenna is a place in Hell, or perhaps another name for Hell. It’s been used all over the place. The most memorable for me being one of the Outer Planes in D&D.