Bounty of Blood Is Just Superb!

I found it rather dull.

Clocked it in an hour with zane

Best dlc so far was the handsome jack casino

Whole games boring me senseless tbh , bl2 and 1 wipe the floor with it

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Beautiful summary.

Goes into the heart of us who cared about the writing we experienced along with bl2’s living world and adult tongue n cheek humor.

The dlc This is like… Fun and ok. Like a glimpse of old fun exploring feeling.

Personally i like the narrator. But missing that living world everything fighting feel.

I could summarize this dlc as shadowwarrior 2 with eden 6 monsters reused and hoverbikes which die in seconds using their endgame.

Whats sad is it may be some of the best of what we got from bl3.

Still happy to have it than less. I think more ppl are happy about meta weapon variety being low and they cured it sorta… Sorta i say with this.

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The narration is a bit quiet for me, but it really reminds me of Bastion.

nah - worst dlc by far
pretty disappointed tbh

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I am right there with you. I just don’t get the high praise that it has been getting.

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Funny how people see things through different eyes.

I loved it.

What some dislike…I liked.

Story was simplistic but had some obvious 7 Samurai/Magnificent 7 mixed in with a touch of John Wayne Rio Bravo…And all “Borderlands style.”

The narrator was superb…just the right Western schitk… and great voice. The kind of guy you’d love to sit around he campfire and listen to his stories…

The new vehicle was the easy to control, smooth, and had great speed.

Rewards were excellent and easy to get. The most unique and Legendary rewards in any DLC in the franchise history. Literally meta guns are awarded in this DLC quite liberally throughout. Side missions were fun, rewarding and interesting.

Big maps, interesting terrain and the addition of the catapult spots, teleport stations and the damage core growth was fun and added to movement and tactical considerations. The Bloodsun map was such a unique mix.

Course this is just my opinion… everyone else is welcome to theirs.


I never said “WOW, so cool area” so much in BL. Definitely noticed some great details in map design and kept saying “they did a great job”. The level of quality in maps and new gear were enough to make me love it. Not “the best” story, charecters, or enemies, but Rose is a jaw dropping Fem Fatal and the Bastion narrator was great! Ultra hype for the final DLC :wink: I hope and imagine we get something like TPS after that as well. :clap: :clap: :clap: