Bounty of Blood is not Mac compatible?

I bought the new DLC last week from Epic games, not knowing that the Mac patch to run it was a week behind, now that the Mac patch has been applied Epic games says the DLC is not supported on my OS (Mac). Do I need to wait another week? Will it never be Mac supported? OMG what is wrong with you people, is it too hard to at least let us know what’s going on? Or will I have to wait til Monday before you update your patch notes?


This has been raised with the community manager and head of GBX customer support. There appear to be a couple of different things going on here, and I don’t have any information on the specifics of the DLC. AIUI DLC3 is also supposed to be available for Mac, but it may also be delayed. I’ll double-check with the folks at GBX to see if they have an update; however, we’re in the run-up to July 4th and Texas is in the middle of a massive increase in Covid-19 cases, so there may not be much more to add at this point.

I’ll also point out that the Mac ports is being handled by a different studio; it could be that they are also in a situation due to the pandemic where they cannot give firm dates.

@BoB28 - as a follow up, can you check to see if DLC3 is now available along with the most recent update? Please let me know asap whether or not it is there.

The update happened (it was like 27gb), but the DLC still says “os unsupported"

OK - I’ll let someone at GBX know.

So will Mac players be getting refunds if they bought the new DLC under the mistaken belief it was compatible with our platform?

It’s supposed to be Mac compatible. I’m told that it should have released for Mac at the same time as the update came out. I have passed on the information about it not showing up in the Epic store.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other information on this to offer. If you decide you don’t want to wait and see, I would suggest contacting EGS and requesting a refund in light of their own assertion that Mac is not supported.

So I contacted Epic about the DLC and was told they will only be selling the version for Windows, REALLY!? What the hell is going on, and where am I supposed to get the DLC for my Mac? Something needs to be done about this, I feel like I’ve been taken in by Gearbox and Epic.

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The DLC is available for Mac. I’m not sure why they would be saying otherwise.
If you’re still having an issue, can you put in a ticket to

So I got my refund from Epic games, so who else sells the DLC for Mac? I know Steam doesn’t have, and if I do get it how do I get it to work with BL3 on the Epic Games launcher?

I have been following this too. I want DLC’s also.

It was hard to find the Mac OS version of BL3 - maybe we need more users complaining. The Epic people just punt request to 2k games, and they don’t know anything.

Does anyone know who the Mac developer is? Can we ask them?

I just found this thread

It looks like it took a couple of weeks to get DLC 1 to work. Maybe they will update it today or next Thursday.


I am also a Mac player & am not able to play the last DLC till this day !
Unfortunatly i bought the season pass… So I don’t think i will be able to ask for a refund given the fact I have been able to play the 2 first DLC’s without any problem.

I would love to know how you contacted the gearbox support to file in a claim too…

You can file a support ticket using the link in the pinned thread at the top of this section and also in Noelle’s post above (number 9).

It’s not clear what the issue is here - the GBX staff I raised this with were surprised that the Mac version of the DLC was not showing up on Epic along with the update enabling it. I know GBX staff are working on resolving this; unfortunately that’s basically the only information available on this right now.

So, where are things at with Bounty of Blood for Mac? Epic Store still says “OS Unsupported” this morning. However I’ve been able to pick up the breadcrumb quest in Sanctuary and the navigator lists Gehenna as a destination. I’ve been afraid to go there though, in case it corrupts my save. Should I send a support ticket to add my voice?

I’m not sure, but I think those were added in the last update; clicking on it will likely take you to the store page to ‘purchase’ the DLC. Still waiting for word from the folks at GBX, bit it may take them a while to get through to whoever at Epic can figure out what’s going on. (I get the impression that most dealings with Epic have gone through 2K?)

A support ticket wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve had support tickets for gearbox, and epic neither is any help nor very informative. Another patch days comes and goes with not at least someone fessing up to the fact they don’t support the Mac. At least lets us know that the Mac version is either coming our way eventually or your just gonna stop supporting it.

Well once again no info on this weeks patch/hotfix update (July, 23) other than everything will be a week late on the Mac. Must be epic fail with the Mac developers on the DLC.

I was able to download BoB 1 week after launch on Mac through the Epic Games Launcher. I purchased it day of launch because it was listed as being supported by Mac, but a few hours later they changed it and removed any mention of it being supported by Mac. As part of the hot fix the week after it became available and I was able to download.
I did notice that today’s hot fix is not Mac compatible and in the forum post they said it’d be available for Mac in 1 week.

Still no news on the Mac version of DLC3. Epic/2k/Gearbox too chickenSh*t to inform the Mac community that they screwed up and if you bought a season pass you’ve been conned.