Bounty of Blood - PS4 - Bugs


I just started the Bounty of Blood DLC, and I’ve run into some noticeable issues.

-First I noticed that all of the enemies and characters had giant heads but it fixed itself when I entered vestige.

-Second, the enemies seem to fire continuous lasers and are connected by them. See image below. 873887B2-E1EA-4189-9DC2-4D73412909C7|230x500

-Third, the FPS has taken noticeable dips compared to the other two DLCs and the main game. Resolution mode on PS4 Pro is unplayable.

Has anyone else experienced this? Playing on PS4 Pro.

Please check your Mayhem modifiers. The big heads are caused by the Galaxy Brain modifier. Enemies connected by elemental beams is called Chain Gang.
This is not specific to the DLC but has to do with Mayhem 2.0 system itself.
Alot of the modifiers are very intrusive and will mess with console graphics.
You might need to change to less intrusive modifiers.

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Thank you! Didn’t know this was a thing. Which modifiers are less intrusive?