Bounty of Blood The Dandy and Damsel

So i’m playing this mission and i’m comming to the point of smashing true the wall with the core thing. And after I meleed the core thing the wall doens’t break and it just stands like this… Meanwhile the mission progressed and its not find an entrance but it is get to the lab. Anyone else had this problem if yes how to fix it?

There should be a core crystal nearby that you smash in the direction of this wall - the core splatter will crack this thing open.

I did that. But this is then the result. The mission progress going to the next waypoint on the map and the wall keeps standing like that. Normally if you shoot it it says immune, here its just the wall doesn’t break down.

Whoops - misread your post (I thought you were punching the wall). I don’t recognize the mission, but I need to check - you got the brass knuckles from the deputy, no? Like when you punch the core crystals, they spray all over the place?

I do have it indeed. This is the last mission of the whole dlc for me already finished the dlc campaign.

I’m trying to remember exactly where you are. Can you send a shot of the surrounding area, including the HUD (with the mission name/progress)?

Sure , the mission name is ‘The Dandy and Damsel’ The checkpoint i’m at is get to the lab but because the wall didn’t break i can’t get there.

Ok… I’ve got a couple characters who need to do that DLC still, and I’ll have one start in a bit. When I get to that point, I’ll see if something triggers my memory, though it may be a while before I get there… maybe someone else will come up with something in the meantime.

Worst case scenario, you can join my game and we’ll get to the next mission/checkpoint after that wall so you can be on your way.

Yeah that would be nice.

Ok - I’m crawling through that mission now (about to derail the train, so it’ll be a bit). Add me on Steam/SHiFT as Adabiviak, and I’ll let you know when I get there.

I’m from the EU so at the time you send this i was asleep. I’ll still add you rn and maybe you haven’t done this mission yet. My name is MeisterDanker

Yeah, I keep weird hours. I was going through the story missions waiting to see it, got to the end, and realized this is a side mission. :laughing:

I didn’t find you in Steam but I added you through SHiFT. What part of the EU are you from? I’ll be online for a bit (am going on a bike ride shortly). I’m going to nose around that area that’s not the side mission for a bit… maybe an hour.

I’m from western Europe. CET or GMT +1.

I can play right now if that fits you.

Invite sent - am still in the map, running it backwards for a hoot. Let’s hit that mission.

My game just crashed XD

Heh - I saw you for a moment, then it said you left. I’ll be here.

Can you re-invite?

Pffff connection error…

Weird. I’ll send another invite.

The moment i choose a caracter it starts loading in and its a connection error. So weird. Well I think this isn’t going to work with the connection errors :pensive: