Bounty of Blood The Dandy and Damsel

Are you on Epic?

Yeah at the release of the game it wasn’t on steam unfortionatly.

That’s fine - let me switch to Epic and see if that doesn’t work better.

edit - haven’t been in for a while… apparently there were some updates. :laughing:

I should see you in a few minutes.

Aight got it, so you have the game on both launchers with all the dlc’s?

  • QUick edit my epic games name is also MeisterDanker

Yeah, when I learned that there were some events that were going to be live before the game came to Steam, I got it on Epic, and then got it on Steam after the fact. I don’t own the second DLC on Epic though, but I do own some (Epic won’t let me see which ones I actually own… just says, “4” :roll_eyes:).

Anyway, it also doesn’t give me a forecast for how long the download will take… seems like half an hour at this rate. Stay tuned.

If you don’t have the dlc on epic, lets just try once more via steam. I that fails i’m ready to trow in the towel.

Ok - I’m certain I own it (got the Super Deluxe Edition). Am at 23% as I type this.

edit - it’s been 30m and it’s only at 50%, so we’ve probably got another hour from this edit. What time is it there? Like it may be easier to try this later.

7:20 pm

15-hour difference, EU… you over in Russia?

If we don’t knock this out here when that update is done, we may have to wait until the next weekend (I’m at work during these times usually). It’s at 86%… should be able to get this going before it gets to be a weird bed time over there.

Wait, it just finished! Hang on.

I’m over in Belgium. I have time enough with covid keeping me indoords.

Well I certainly can’t count :laughing:

…be a sec while the game goes through all its startup bits. :roll_eyes:

Well, for those of you wondering, if you bring Steam saves (where a character has items from a DLC), and you don’t own that DLC in Epic, they aren’t lost, they’re just unequipped and flagged as unusuable in your inventory. Neat!

Let me try to find you here. Are you in the game?

I sell off a lot of nice loot - RNG is pretty nice to me. If there’s something you’re interested in trying out, just let me know. Do you have a Bloodletter COM? It works well with that Deathless relic. They won’t be god rolls (probably), but they’ll at least let you see how they work.

Any fix for this? I just ran into it on Xbox.

Unfortionably there isn’t a fix for it i think. You could do the mission on someone elses game file ( you join someone else and they start the mission did it for me…) thats how i did it with Adabiviak here…

Hmmm. Thanks. Now I need to find someone on Xbox to do that with. Thanks

Are you punching that crystal in front of the forklift into the marked wall? I had to break the little barrier and slink behind the forklift to get into proper position so the core spray would be on target.